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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world! I love seeing all the Facebook and Instagram posts dedicated to everyone’s moms all day 🙂 I spent my Mother’s Day at Pecan Lodge and some delicious pie + coffee at our favorite dessert spot that you see in the pictures above, Emporium Pies.

We should really make the effort to try to give back not only on Mother’s Day, but every day. I only have a couple of years left to live with my parents under one roof, so I’ve really tried to spend a lot of time and do as much as I can with my mom. I’ve crossed out a couple of things on my bucket list such as, sending her to a Europe trip and buying her a new car. But I still have so much for her left!

Since it is Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the key life lessons my mom taught me.

  1. Be Confident
    Believe it or not, I was a very passive kid as a child. My mom has always taught me to be confident no matter what the circumstances are. Like the power pose I mentioned in this post– if you believe and “act” like you are confident, you’ll become a confident person. Once I realized how important this was, I’ve now become someone who isn’t afraid to get out of my comfort zone, bold, sometimes very blunt (too blunt), and confident. Being a more confident person, I was able to try something new, not be afraid of confrontations, and become a stronger person.
  2. Goals Are Meant To be Big 
    My mom has taught me that goals should be big, and it may most of the time, take awhile. As I mentioned, I’m a very realistic person so it honestly took me a long time to understand this mentality. I was more about chasing short-term goals, because I believed in seeing the immediate results. However, she has always taught me that one I set a big goal, I will have a couple of other short-term goals that eventually lead up to that one big goal (kind of like backtracking) and it has helped me gain a whole new outlook in life and the choices I make.
  3. Treat Others Better Than How They Treat You
    I’ve always been the kid that wants to be friends with everyone and not create enemies. I also realized not everyone will love you the way you are. There will always be haters even when you have good intentions. Instead of being the same person, my mom taught me to treat others better than how they treat me. This is sometimes UBER DIFFICULT because I’m impatient. Honestly, I just really want to slap some people in this world sometimes. But her words always help me take a step back, breathe, and to just be the bigger, nicer person, and it’s helped me prevent/ resolve so many conflicts!
  4. Everything Happens For A Reason 
    She has always taught me that everything happens for a reason and God has amazing plans for me. If I look back, it’s true. Anytime there was a terrible incident, it all worked out for my best in the end. This is the biggest life lesson from my mom. This is also the key to not being such a negative person. Sometimes, you just have to wait it out and see why some things happened the way they did!

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day! Thank you for reading 🙂


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