Today, I want to share my #1 skincare product that I always incorporate into my routine every day. We all know how important vitamin C is to our body, right? Inner beauty is great, but I also believe in the immediate results when I applied vitamin C directly on my face. There are lots of skincare products that “contain” vitamin C, but it’s usually a very small amount (so really, it doesn’t do much for me).

To get as much of the original source possible, I prefer vitamin C in a powder form, like this Turbo Booster C Powder from Philosophy. Other Philosophy products have not worked too well for my skin and I’ve also tried other vitamin C powders, but clearly, this seems to be the winner since I’ve already gone through 7 bottles in 3 years 🙂

vitamin c

This powder is a 99.8% topical vitamin C powder, which means you can apply it directly onto the skin. Here are some ways I use this white powder to see results such as brightening, firming and producing a healthy glow on my skin! This is how I use this powder:

  • #1 – Mixing it in with my serum/ ampoule/ moisturizer to pat all over my face
  • #2 – Mixing it in with my Clinique acne gel to apply on breakouts
  • #3 – Mixing it in with the excess essence/ampoule from sheet masks before applying the sheet mask on the face

Besides this vitamin C powder, a couple of other Philosophy products I’ve tried haven’t been as satisfying, but as my skin changes seasonally, I’m always exploring for newer and better options. If there are other products that are amazing, please let me know by filling out the form below with your recommendations so I can try them out and experiment! – Slight stinging may occur, but only if your skin is damaged. It’ll sting just for a bit and go away, so keep that in mind if you want to try out this product!
– You can find this product online on Philosophy, or at Sephora.
Avoid using the vitamin C powder with a product that contains retinol or collagen. I’ve accidentally made this mistake and had to deal with a very stinging/red face and my dermatologist has mentioned that retinol or collagen cancels out the effects of vitamin C (and at least for me, it was painful!), so it’s best to use them separately.


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