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** This product is not sponsored and all opinions are my own ** 

Hello! It’s been SO hot in Texas. It’s only the middle of June, and it’s only getting hotter from here! 🙁 Today, I want to talk about this natural deodorant I discovered from Primally Pure, a brand that focuses on clean beauty products with pure, simple ingredients. I’ve never heard of a natural, organic deodorant until I came across it on Instagram (follow me if you have not yet. I’m super active!), so I did more research and ended up falling in love with the brand itself along with their other products.

When I looked into the brand more, their natural deodorant turned out to be their most popular product. After reading some VERY positive reviews, I decided to give the lavender deodorant a try! (There are a total of 5, and other four include: charcoal, geranium, lemongrass and tea tree) I love the lavender one so far, but I definitely plan on trying out all the other products as well.

We’ve blended the effectiveness of our regular formula with the gentleness of our sensitive version to create one natural deodorant that does it all, powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin – Primally Pure

Natural Deodorants

So why do I think you should switch to using a natural deodorant? There’s so many products with chemicals that we put into our bodies ourselves on a daily basis. If I think of all the potential side effects, of course it’s a never-ending story. However, I strongly believe that small changes in our lifestyle have a huge impact and wearing a deodorant, is something most people do everyday. Here are some reasons why you can start using a natural deodorant today:

Sweating is okay – Sweating is completely normal. Your body is designed to sweat when it has to, whether you have a deodorant or not. If you don’t, there’s something wrong. Non-natural deodorants contain antiperspirants, which clog up pores and don’t allow the body to properly release the sweat that your body is naturally producing. Now, here’s the main fact: your sweat does not cause the BO. That BO comes from when the clogged up sweat comes in contact with the natural bacteria that lives on your skin. Using a natural deodorant does not contain any antiperspirants, so that doesn’t change sweating but you’ll easily stop smelling gross.

You’re going smell worse! – Our bodies have a natural “flow” they go by, which includes releasing sweat when our pores open. However, antiperspirants prevent sweating, so all of that sweat is build up somewhere under your skin and this can cause some irritations or bumpy skin. This constant barrier to block your sweat actually makes your sweat smell worse, and no one wants that near you. One of the main ingredients in a regular, non-natural deodorant is aluminum. If you have those gross yellow sweat stains on your white shirts, aluminum is the main cause of that.

I care about the benefits – Natural deodorants don’t block pores so it keeps the good bacteria working. This means less odor even when you’re not wearing any deodorant. Also, no more of those ugly yellow stains on your pits! They also help shrink pores and smooth razor burns.

Simple, good-for-you ingredients – My lavender deodorant contains ingredients such as fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, essential oils and non-nano Zinc Oxide (learn more about this ingredient in my DIY sunscreen post). Ingredients that you want to avoid are deodorants with parabens or propylene glycol, which are key ingredients to irritate your skin.

This natural deodorant compared to some other ones is very affordable (1.7 oz for $14 and 2.5 oz for $20). I’ve been wearing this everyday, and is a must-include in my gym bag for my workouts. If you haven’t thought about using a natural deodorant yet, I strongly recommend it! As always, thank you for reading 🙂