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Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I had a much-needed 4-day weekend (can never have enough) and my family spent the weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We got a cabin and it was truly a perfect staycation. The cabin was in a very remote area in the woods, very quiet and private; just what my family wanted/needed. We explored the Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs for a bit, but our weekend mainly consisted of lounging around the cabin, staying warm, taking baths, eating a lot of good food, and exploring the woods with Happy (Yes, he’s that furry thing you see in the picture above. Also, Meet Happy in this post!)

travel size skin care

Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a long vacation, packing skin care products is always something I really spend time on. Most importantly, I try to only bring travel size skin care products. If I truly enjoy a product, I find myself a travel size one or make it work by moving some into a travel size container. I want to make sure I bring what I want for a specific getaway. If the product isn’t available in travel size or is hard to move into a container, they better be small enough! In this post, I want to share some of my travel size skin care products that I brought with me to Hot Springs!

  • Cleansing Water: Gentle, leak-proof container
  • Toner
  • Ampoule
  • Moisturizer: Layered and layered to keep my skin hydrated through the cold weather! Very light and is gel-based.
  • Night cream and anti-aging treatment cream: Thicker than the moisturizer and cream-based.
  • Foundation: I just drop some into my moisturizer and it turns my moisturizer into a tinted moisturizer, giving me natural coverage.
  • Eye cream
  • Repairing Mask: This has been a great sleeping mask to add to my face before going to sleep. It smells like a strawberry yogurt, and it leaves my face super smooth when I wake up!
  • Hair Oil

I just love sharing the products I use, especially the ones I like! Sharing is caring, right? (: Feel free to send me a DM or comment down below if you have any questions as far as the products mentioned above, or just in general. As always, thank you for reading!