I honestly feel like all I did was eat in New York (watch my vlog!)… But there’s nothing wrong with that right? I walked around so my steps hopefully balanced out the calories… MAYBE. Anyways, there’s quite a selection when it comes to food spots in the city, so I try to go to different places each time. For my trip this time, these were my spots!

Healthy and Tasty Spots

Butcher’s Daughter Perfect for a light meal or if you’re a health freak like I am! I had their cold-pressed juice (red) but their wellness lattes and salads looked amazing. The only con was that I truly disliked their bathroom because it was pitch dark with a candle, and I couldn’t find anything (and this happened to be the trend to every place I ate at afterwards… I was really starting to wonder if it was a NY thing to keep bathrooms dark, haha.  Cafe Medi They claim to be the most instagrammable and best mediterranean place in Lower East Side NYC. The first thing that definitely stands out is the beautiful backdrop! We had their mushroom ravioli and scallops. Go for the scallops when you visit- you won’t regret it 🙂 cafe medi cafe medi The Smith Restaurant A clean, pretty, casual American Brasserie where you can get a good dining experience for brunch, lunch or dinner! Be sure to make reservations, because they’re known to be packed. I believe there are a couple of locations throughout NYC, and there’s a new one coming in Chicago as well! We had the Smoked Salmon Toast and The Smith Eggs Benedict.

the smith - a cup of owl

Casual Spots

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts Located in K-Town, we had their Ho-Dduk (Korean donuts) with ice cream this time but I’ve had several shaved snow and milk teas before which I enjoyed as well. I just love that it’s a spacious cafe that actually stays open late, so it’s a good spot to retreat to for AC and cool down! Maison Kayser First, thank you to Maison Kayser for giving me some free desserts! There’s a bunch of locations throughout the city, and it’s a French bakery/cafe that I actually did see in Paris (oh, memories!). I loved their Mochacchino and lemon tart the best 🙂 

maison kayser - a cup of owl

Remi Flower and Coffee If you’re a huge coffee + Instagram person like I am, you’ve definitely seen this spot somewhere. It’s a flower shop and cafe- tiny but with such pretty vibes. Didn’t expect much out of the coffee but the lavender latte was SO gorgeous and tasty! remi flower coffee - a cup of owl Cha-An Teahouse Cute, tiny little Japanese dessert cafe, but definitely not the best place to do a long-term catch up session. Our waiter literally came to us and told us that they needed the table, aka get out! 🙁 We had the Green Tea Parfait, Homemade Mochi, and Matcha Ice Cream. I know, lots of matcha! cha-an teahouse acup of owl SERRA by Birreria (AKA the rooftop restaurant at Eataly) Such a pretty place that gives you all the garden vibes! I thought it’d be a perfect place to do a girl’s brunch or even a bridal shower. Although it was gorgeous at night, I’d love to visit next time during the day as well. 

eataly a cup of owl

Asian Cravings

Gopchang Story BBQ A fairly new BBQ spot in K-Town but the wait is one hell of a wait! The local tip was to get on Yelp and get on the waitlist the day of ASAP. We waited a good hour (17 parties ahead of us) and that’s because we were able to get on the waitlist a couple of hours before. We also encountered many folks who swung by expecting to get a table but had a 3-hour wait so left. They specialize Gopchang (grilled beef intestines) and Korean BBQ, and they finish up the meal by making fried rice in front of you- this was my favorite part.  gopchang story bbq acupofowl Golden Unicorn Restaurant One of the two well-known Dim Sum spots in Chinatown, but I don’t know if I’ll ever make the visit again. It’s a large two-story restaurant but it was WAY too crowded- literally, a hot mess. It’s obviously a popular spot but I think my visit once is good enough- not that worth all the craziness! Soju Haus This is a Korean bar and restaurant that I actually visited last time as well. Although a go-to spot for drinks, they surprisingly have delicious food. It’s not the biggest space but it’s always been packed during both of my visits, so that’s always a good sign. They also play birthday songs for you and it literally feels like a club sometimes 🙂  acupofowl soju haus I always come back from a VERY full stomach after a trip to NYC 🙂 As always, thank you for reading and if you haven’t, check out my video below as well! CRYSTALL A Cup of Owl