Hello! We took these photos awhile back during the Memorial Day Weekend with the help of our friend Erik 🙂 I’ve been saving these pictures for this post, which is dedicated to our 3-year anniversary. This current relationship I am in has been a huge blessing and a crazy ride. We’ve gone through a LOT and I’ve really discovered new sides of myself that I did not know about. There were also times when I doubted Tommy for who he is and who I am based on past relationships and false assumptions. Here are some things I learned in the past three years of this relationship:

  • Communicate- We girls have this tendency to just expect our boys to know everything and be able to read our minds. Now I know for a fact that boys just sometimes need to be told. They’re not really trying to upset you, they just don’t know what to do 🙂 The best solution to this is to communicate more. I see many couples around me who text ALL day but they don’t spend enough time physically and face to face. Honestly, I do not consider texting really talking. Texting is just an act of notification that you are alive and there is time to talk right now, minus the facial expressions. Phone conversations and face-to-face convos are so valuable which make all the difference in a relationship.
  • Never sleep off an argument/something that’s bothering– Never have an argument and completely ignore them for the next two days (been there, done that). I realize that whatever happens, it’s important to talk it out and resolve the problem before that day is over. If not, it’s only going to get worse! Built-up anger/frustration is probably the worst thing for me.
  • Respect him– Not everyone is perfect and everyone is SO different. Tommy is a completely different person than I am. I see a lot of married couples who say their significant other IS them or that they’re just like twins. Compatibility is great but you’ve also grown up with this person in a completely different household, environment, lifestyle, etc. It’s really important to see beyond the bubble you grew up in and respect the other. Also, being in a relationship definitely requires a certain amount of give and take!
  • See the good side– I am such a realistic person that I unintentionally see the bad things or the flaws in a person, which is actually a REALLY bad thing. There’s a Korean saying that if you keep telling someone she is pretty, she will really become prettier. It’s so important to see the good side in your partner, and I’ve seen this make a huge difference in myself on how I view certain things and how Tommy’s actions can change.
  • Think twice– Taking a step back and thinking about what we’re going to say before blurting out anything has made the biggest difference in our relationship. We’ve made some hasty comments (completely unintentional) where we both perceived them in completely different ways. Communication has gotten a LOT easier ever since we started working on that.

These photos capture the essence our relationship, rather than fake poses for a photo shoot. We love to dance, we love having coffee dates on a weekly basis, we love shoes, we crack up a LOT, and we both have the weirdest sides that only crack each other up. Happy three years and this is dedicated to you, oppa!

A Cup of Owl