thayers review - a cup of owl

Thayers was generous to gift four different toners (rose, coconut water, cucumber, original) and one of their newest products, the blemish stick, to test and provide my honest opinion on them. I’ve been trying these over the past 1.5 months, and I decided to do a comparison review post for all of these products.

thayers review - a cup of owl
thayers review - a cup of owl

Facial Toners/ Facial Mists

I feel like the toners are what Thayers is really known for, especially the rose toner. However, they actually have a lot more including lemon, lavender, unscented, cucumber, and their latest addition- coconut water. I tried out the original, rose, coconut water and cucumber and here are my thoughts! Each toner has a skin concern target using a main ingredient + witch hazel. I loved switching up the toners depending on my skin concern each night.

Original– I consider this the “original” product that spread the name Thayers to the skincare community. Compared to the others, I noticed the original has a yellowish tint and is a bit cloudy. This was not my favorite one compared to others, but it’s definitely “the” original toner. If you’re extra, extra, extra sensitive, I’d just recommend sticking with this toner out of all the others, although I consider all the toners very safe.

Rose– A cult favorite, if you’re a skincare junkie like I am. Not only is the smell so soothing, but this toner uses water from rose petals as one of the main ingredients along with witch hazel. Did you know rose petals are a natural astringent? Waters from rose petals help tighten the pores, control oil production and lock moisture in. If you didn’t know, now you know! I also like that the rose one comes in a spray bottle. It makes it easy to carry it around using it as a face mist throughout the day.

Coconut Water– This is my personal favorite after I discovered this one! Not only because I love coconut, but coconut water is also known to have major hydrating effects. Coconut water also contains a high concentration of vitamin C that helps strengthen the skin cells, and fades blemishes + scars. I definitely found that out of all the toners I used, this one was the most hydrating for me. I thought the rose one would be the most hydrating, but I was wrong.
Cucumber– I found this to be the perfect summertime toner. Keeping it in the fridge and using it cool makes it even better! You’ve seen places where they serve cucumber and lemon inside water right? Cucumber is a vegetable full of water and this as a main ingredient in the toner helps retain the moisture in the skin. Not too big of a fan of this scent but I’d love to use it during the summer! I found that this toner also helped extremely with puffiness, so I’ve been using it in the mornings when I wake up with puffy eyes. Skincare tip: I use a cotton pad to soak it in this toner and put it over my eyes for about three minutes before doing my full skincare routine.

thayers review - a cup of owl

Blemish Stick

I was super excited to find out that Thayers launched a Blemish Stick! I typically don’t use a specific spot treatment, and usually stick with tea tree oil or tamanu oil. However, I can confidently say this has been my favorite one to use so far this year. This has been very effective to use for my occasional pimples that show up here and there. They only have this Blemish Stick in lemon right now and the product uses witch hazel, aloe vera, and tea tree oil to target blemishes. While there are other products similar like this that target acne, I liked that this blemish stick was really hydrating than drying out the face like the others.

It’s not a magical product that’ll completely disappear your blemishes overnight (depends on the size, obviously. I’m referring to bigger ones), but it definitely calms it down. I also love that it’s a roller ball product that is hygienic! Most of all, I love that it’s helped destroy the breakouts completely without using any chemicals.

thayers review - a cup of owl

Overall, I enjoyed using all of these toners so much. My favorite has got to be the coconut water toner! With how much they sent over, I definitely don’t have to worry about toners for awhile now! I also love how affordable they are. The Blemish Stick has also been a great addition to my vanity and a new favorite for targeting my acne when necessary.

It’s usually difficult to recommend a product that worked well for me but is not at a price point that works for everyone. However, the entire Thayers line is completely affordable and is easily accessible too, so I love that. Hope you guys enjoyed my reviews!

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

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