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I literally dream about SPF Supergoop CEO and Founder, Holly Thaggard

This post is not sponsored by Supergoop and all opinions + photos are my own.

I had an amazing opportunity to meet Supergoop founder Holly Thaggard at Blue Mercury last month. This happened at the perfect time because I had just started trying out more products from Supergoop and had begun exploring different products from the brand. I’ve been a huge advocate of including SPF in my skincare routine, but after chatting with Holly, I was even more reminded of the importance of SPF.

supergoop skincare

If you’re new to Supergoop, I invite you to the world OF SPF. Supergoop is a unique skincare brand where their entire line is dedicated to SPF. All the products have SPF and this goes back to Holly’s mission which is to increase the awareness of the importance of using SPF.

We immediately clicked because I’ve also been educating someone every day about how important it is to wear sunscreen for awhile now. It still amazes me how some people completely do not think about applying SPF at all. If you’re one of those people, Supergoop has some fun products that will take out that “applying sunscreen” step for you. Here are some products you must-have for my SPF newbies and my personal top picks!

supergoop shimmershades

Supergoop Products You Need To Buy Now for SPF Newbies

Defense Refresh Setting Mist– If you’re new to SPF, you’re definitely not aware that you should technically reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours to really get the full SPF coverage. This process, however, can be tedious, and there really aren’t a lot of people who ACTUALLY do this. With this setting mist, all you have to do is literally spray throughout the day! So easy, so simple, why not?

Shimmershade– An eye shadow with SPF is such a genius invention. This is one of Supergoop’s recent launches and it comes in four different shades.

Superscreen Daily Moisturizer– The ultimate skincare product you need if you are lazy to apply a separate sunscreen and if you are new to using SPF. You wear a moisturizer anyways (I hope you do. Please tell me you do.), so this kills two birds in one stone!

Shine On Lip Screen– Lips and eyes are the most delicate areas of the face and where skin cancer is most easily detected. If you think about it, lips are a very important spot on the face, especially because it directly receives sunlight. Protect those lips!

Forever Young Hand Cream– I don’t know about you but driving in the scorching Texas sun, the hands are super exposed. Most people who DO realize the importance of SPF focus a lot on their face and neck but not their hands. This hand cream is not sticky, has a clear finish, and spreads easily.

My Supergoop Top Favorites

Perfect Day 2-in-1 Everywear Lotion and Lip Shield– This has been great for pool days and at festivals. The top is a lip balm and twist the cap off to get the lotion. I’ve been definitely enjoying this product!

Poof Part Powder– The Texas sun kills me and my scalp during the summer. If you weren’t aware, your scalp is a very delicate area and can definitely use some SPF protection. The powder is a great way to drop throughout the scalp instead of an oil or serum that may make my scalp oily.

The SPF, In Bloom Kit– I think this is a great kit if you’re new to Supergoop and want to try out a couple of different products. It includes the mini Defense Refresh Setting Mist, the Superscreen Daily Moisturizer, and the Unseen Sunscreen- all for $25. A great trial kit and exactly how I got into Supergoop!

Defense Refresh Setting Mist– As I mentioned above, this is by far my favorite product from Supergoop and couldn’t think of a better way to reapply sunscreen! It also balances out my face throughout the day since it’s a setting spray 🙂

You can also test most of these products out at Sephora and Blue Mercury. I strongly encourage you to check out Supergoop and all the fun products they have!

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

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