Small Gifts: It’s The Little Things

I don’t know about you, but it’s always the little things that completely brighten a day for me.

I know how powerful this act can be, so I find myself giving my friends small and sometimes the most random gifts to not only make their days but also mine as well!

Here’s what I like to personally surprise my friends with:

  • Sweets – Chocolates, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, anything sweet! Who wouldn’t appreciate sweets, especially on a dull Monday morning?
  • Succulents – This is an easy pickup you can pretty much find in any grocery stores nowadays. Low maintenance and something cute to gift.
  • Candles – I always love grabbing a couple of candles, especially for housewarming parties. Many workplaces don’t allow candles for safety reasons, but this would be a cute gift for your friend to take home.
  • Coffee/Tea – Grab an extra cup of coffee for your friend! Starbucks was having a BOGO special last week, so I gave one drink to my boss 🙂
  • Face Mask – I always have a fridge full of face masks, so if there’s something I really like that I want to recommend to a friend, I love to pass on the good news by letting them try it!
  • Picture frames – Cute picture frames or decorative frames are always nice, easy gifts that can beautify an office space or a bedroom.
  • Office/ Home decor – I always find the cutest things at Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, or Hobby Lobby.
  • Cute notes – “Welcome back,” “Thank you,” “Happy Friday” notes are always a day-brightener!

Everyone can use a little something to make their day. Nowadays, we take so many things for granted, and it’s important to remind ourselves and each other about the happiness that comes from little things. Okay, now I sound like a pastor, but I hope that makes sense. Yesterday, I sent my boyfriend a box of Edible Arrangements because he stayed up the entire weekend working overtime.

If you can think of one person right now, why don’t you do something special for them today?