*This post is not sponsored. Please note that this review is based on my personal experience with the products.

Hello! If you guys follow me on Instagram, you should know I really struggled with my skin (specifically forehead) in October and November. It’s never been so bad for that long, so it was also the most stressful months for me! However, I’ve been making progress thanks to some changes I’ve made in my routine. Before I share all my tips and tricks on how I changed my routine, I want to focus on reviewing two specific products from Skin Accents that played a huge part on improving my skin overall.

I’ve always heard about the brand but have never tried, mainly because I didn’t have access to the products. Skin Accents is only available for purchase by licensed aestheticians so it’s not something anyone can get. I was so glad to find Irene, a former aesthetician in Dallas who operates her own online market to sell these products on her own locally and internationally. Although there are so many others from the brand I want to try, I decided to start off with the Desensibilizing Serum and a mix and match arrangement of the Hydrating, Fair Skin (Brightening), and Stem Cell Ampoules

Desensibilizing Serum

This is probably one of the best serums I’ve ever encountered, no lie. I’ve been using two pumps in the morning and three pumps at night. With this pace since the beginning of November, I’m have about 1/3 of the bottle left. This lightweight serum instantly absorbs into the skin and does not dry sticky. After my usual cleansing routine and after I have toned my face, this is the next thing that goes on my face before a hydrating moisturizer. Upon application, it almost feels as if it’s attached to the skin like a sticker. Most of all, I’ve seen the most results of this serum when it calms down the redness overnight and also improving the texture of my skin every single time I used it.

As I mentioned earlier, my forehead was the biggest concern for me. I had a mix of congested pores, inflammation, blackheads, and acne. I still don’t know what happened but I’m just thankful I’m making some kind of progress (before and after pic at the bottom of this post).

Ampoules (Hydrating, Stem Cell, Fair Skin)

I have a mix and match box, but there are also boxes of one specific kind. There are a total of three ampoules; fair skin (brightening), hydrating, and stem cell (regenerating). My concern was congested pores and it was important to gently exfoliate and really focus on hydrating the skin. Unlike the Desensibilizing Serum I used daily, I only used this ampoule 2x/ week.

Once you open the ampoule, you have to use all of it for the best results. Imagine that each ampoule is a mini beer bottle. There is a white line on the neck area to “break.” I like to wrap a tissue around the top and break the neck to start using it. It looks small, but it’s plenty of ampoule to layer over the face many times and have more than enough for the neck as well.

My conditions have improved drastically with the combination of using this serum, ampoules, and watching out the products I used over the past month. Below is a progress picture of when before I started using the product, the second week, and the fourth week. Don’t tell me that’s not drastic. 

skin accents - acupofowl
Not filtered to show in detail and accurately. No makeup and each picture was taken in the mornings with a bare face.

I have been very impressed with the results and how my skin has strengthened over the past month. If you are interested in the products mentioned above or are looking for any other Skin Accents products, make sure to contact Irene on Instagram (DM her). I’m planning on definitely refilling up my serum really soon!

Hope this review helped anyone struggling with the same problems as myself! As always, thank you for reading 🙂 


A Cup of Owl