Seattle Travel Diary: 1 Day in the Seaport City

Seattle, WA – Revisiting Seattle in 13 years gave me major throwbacks. I didn’t have as much time as I did in Vancouver, but I tried to fill in as much as I can with the limited time we had! This post may be a little longer since I”m combining everything I did in Seattle into one post. Hope you enjoy!

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is about 30 miles from downtown Seattle, located inside a park with free parking and free entry. There’s also a lodge with a gift shop, restrooms, and a restaurant before you enter the park, so this is where you can take a bathroom break! Something about sunsets, waterfalls, and the ocean always make me feel some kind of way (in a good way), so this is why I included this fall into my Seattle itinerary.

Do you notice that the sky is very yellow? This is not from a filter or anything, but actually from a wildfire. There were two wildfires when we were in Seattle, which caused ashes to fall from the sky and the entire Seattle was just very yellow the entire day. This actually caused many restaurants to also close their patio.

From Vancouver to Seattle, this trip has been a never-ending nature journey, and everything I saw was beautiful in its own way. We made our way down to the Snoqualmie Falls through a trail that was about 2 miles long. I wish the weather was better so the view would’ve been even better!

Pike Place Market/ Gum Wall 

Whenever I visit a new city, I love visiting its local Farmer’s market. I think it’s so much fun to see the local produce and what they are really famous for. Also, it’s just the experience of walking around, sampling different things, and being in the market scene. It was my first time visiting the Pike Place Market, and I had the strongest urge to buy some fresh seafood and cook some homemade dinner at home.

Walk about 2 minutes from the Pike Place Market, and you’ll find the famous Gum Wall. I’m not sure what I was exactly expecting, but it was a LOT bigger and gross yet fascinating. Who would’ve known that this area would’ve been one of Seattle’s famous tourist spots?

Literally, SO disgusting but I made sure to put my mark on it too. At first, I expected just one wall to be filled with gums. However, it’s pretty much an alley with multiple walls filled with gum. My germophobic-self felt gross all over after the visit, but your girl sucked it up since it’s an experience I wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Original Starbucks/ Piroshky Piroshky/ Pike Place Chowder

The interior is nothing too special. We literally went just so we can say we went! I also remember going as a kid, so it was a nice little throwback moment for me when I stepped in. Right next door is Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. The line for this bakery selling Russian pastry was surprisingly long. I never heard of it before but it seemed to be a popular spot, so we checked it out.

We picked up the Smoked Salmon Pate (pictured above), and this turned out to be one of the most popular items in the bakery. I’ve never tried any kind of Russian food, but this was a satisfying first experience!

The last place we stopped by in Pike Place Market was Pike Place Chowder, which we heard a number of great things about. Clam Chowder is always a YES!

Space Needle/ Chihuly Garden and Glass 

The weather was really bad when we went, so it was not worth going up the Space Needle (even the employee did not recommend it). However, we did go to Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is directly next to the Space Needle.

This glasshouse was pretty interesting. I did not realize that each glass piece is blown by mouth individually. This is overall a cool exhibit if you want to stay out of the heat during the summer and enjoy some artsy pieces!

Personally, I don’t think it’s quite worth the $24 for such a short display of exhibitions. However, it definitely was worth going at least once since we didn’t even get to go up the Space Needle.

Pink Door 

Another place very conveniently located next to the Pike Place Market was our dinner spot, The Pink Door. If you’ve never heard of this restaurant yet, it’s pretty well-known among locals and tourists. The Italian-American restaurant is recognized for their delicious food, cute interior, and the pink door. You won’t see a sign leading into the restaurant, but you’ll definitely see the pink door in an alley.

Such a cute restaurant that I’m so glad I got to check out! All the restaurants closed their patios due to the wildfire, which resulted in limited seating. With this one, we got really lucky to take the last table. It sure felt amazing to literally see over 20 separate parties enter the door and leave right away because there were no more tables.

House Sangria and Pink Mocktail

Paglia E Fieno (Top) and Cioppino Pink Door (Bottom)

Trio of Seattle’s Sweet Lo’s Ice Cream!

That wraps up my full day in Seattle! Hopefully, the weather is gorgeous the next time I visit. As always, thanks for reading 🙂 Make sure to see my past posts on Vancouver! **The video below is for my friends with passwords only**

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