After my recent trip full of snow, I wanted to see some fall foliage. When I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he planned a quick getaway to our next door state, Oklahoma. We ended up going on a day trip to Turner Falls, which was only a two-hour drive away from Dallas.

turner fallsturner fallsturner falls

Turner Falls has a good amount picnic areas, RV hook-ups, and camping locations. I remember coming with my family in high school and doing a couple of camping trips. As you can see above, we had a mini picnic on our own!

turner falls

I’ve only been to Turner Falls during summer and spring, so the fall landscape was something I hadn’t seen before (in a good way). Dallas hasn’t quite hit the foliage stage yet, so I was very satisfied with the view I saw; a little mix of green, yellow, and red altogether.

This 77-foot waterfall is apparently the largest waterfall in Oklahoma. It really doesn’t seem that big, but the best part is how clear the water is. We had a little photo shoot sesh because the lighting was great, water was clear, and the fall foliage showed up really well in the pictures! Looks like I’m posing for the photo, but in reality, I was just drying my hands in my back pocket… LOL.

turner fallsThere are three natural caves within Turner Falls, and we decided to take a chance although we were completely NOT dressed for the activity nor were our shoes right. BUT we’re pretty adventurous, so of course, we went for all of them. Thank God my boyfriend helped me keep my balance because it really was dangerous.

turner falls

I must bring shoes the next time I visit. Keep in mind that there are lots of stairs, rocks, and sand you have to deal with in Turner Falls. There’s also a rock castle that’s fun to explore, hiking trails, and a zip line.

Here are some views from the top, where the zip line is! I always like going as high as I can, because looking down always seems prettier anywhere I go. Although I have a boyfriend who’s not a fan of heights, he has no choice when it comes to hanging out with me.

There goes what my Saturday looked like. The weather wasn’t sunny but was tolerable (most of all, no rain) so that worked out. I want to come back next time during the summer so I can swim and stay the night in the cabin with a group of friends! Thanks to my boyfriend for driving and taking these great photos of moi (: Hope everyone had a great weekend.

p.s. Stay warm! I think it’s the allergies, but I’ve been dry coughing like crazy for the past couple of weeks and I’ve felt so helpless. Fall is my favorite season, but my body just doesn’t seem to handle it well. If you have any remedies for me besides going to see a doctor, I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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