Hello! I’ve posted several videos on my Instagram reviewing Glow Recipe‘s Watermelon Set but I wanted to make sure to have my review in writing as well.

Pink Juice Moisturizer (4/5)

This is a super watery gel-type moisturizer that is oil-free and smells amazingly watermelon-y. I definitely received a lot of comments based on other reviews that all the products were very fragrant from this set. However, I will have to only agree with those comments regarding the sleeping mask. The moisturizer and the jelly mask just smells like the natural fruit, as if you just made a watermelon smoothie! Notice I mentioned watery, which means the product is lightweight yet it doesn’t drip instantly which is explains the gel-type texture. I think the moisturizer is a great one for daytime use in the summer. Texas has been especially hot lately, so this has kept my face light and hydrated! Also, I did not break out from this product at all.

Sleeping Mask (2/5)

Unlike the Pink Juice moisturizer, this sleeping mask does have that chemical-like fragrance. It smells like alcohol + a hint of artificial watermelon in my personal opinion. I really like sleeping masks to provide extra hydration but this one is rather different. It dries up immediately, literally in like 5 seconds. Glow Recipe responded to me on Instagram and mentioned that the sleeping mask is designed to absorb quickly so users don’t have to worry about getting it all over the pillow at night. Smart, but it still didn’t work for me unfortunately. If you have oily skin or you move around a lot when you’re sleeping, this would be perfect for someone like you! The website does mention that you can use this as a wash-off mask, so I’ve been enjoying using it this way more than a sleeping mask.

Jelly Mask (4/5)

This hydrogel mask sticks right onto your face. It’s $8 which I’m not a fan of, but I really liked how my skin soaked up all the essence on this mask. The hydrogel mask is super thin, so be careful to not tear it! I also applied the moisturizer after this mask to lock in the moisture! As with most hydrogel masks, there isn’t a lot of leftover essence to begin with but that did not bother me at all. In fact, I got my boyfriend the same mask to try on because I appreciate different experiences. He loved that there was no essence dripping and it made his whole masking experience clean. Also, I love that the mask comes in two different pieces!

This was my first introduction to Glow Recipe and I hope to enjoy their future products as well! As always, thank you for reading 🙂

A Cup of Owl