I want to specifically talk about Clarisonic today. I’ve tried it before and didn’t have the best experience with one of the first Clarisonics that came out back in the days. However, that was years ago and I know they went through a lot of updates and product changes, so I was actually really excited to try out the Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device I received as a gift back in early November. 


App: One thing that was cool about the Mia Smart 3-in-1 is that there is an app that you can sync with the device. The app tracks how many times the device has been used, how much battery life there is, and there is also an option to set up different types of personalized routines for your skin type. I’ve tried the Mask Removal, Invigorating Cleanse, Major Makeup Removal, Radiant Cleanse, Quick Cleanse and Gentle Extended Cleanse routines. They all work differently with varying speeds and times to “fit” that routine.

Battery life: I also love how long the battery life is. The website says it’s supposed to last 100 minutes per charge. I’ve used it for not only cleansing, but taking off masks and just massaging my face.

Built-in time strip: Each brush head has a strip in the middle (kind of reminds me of those pregnancy tests). The more you use it and the closer you get to the time to replace it, it turns red.


Brush heads: The brush heads are a mix of silicon bristles and regular brush bristles. Due to how often the bristles touch my face, I found silicon bristles to be the most gentle and effective for my skin type without irritating it. However, using brush bristles on my skin is equivalent to rubbing my face with a toothbrush. Although the mix of silicon and brush is less irritating, it is still irritating for my face specifically because my face gets red after using it.

I’ve tried using it for over two weeks, which is how long I usually test a new product for. I had a skin concern around the same time I started using it, so I took a break in the middle and tried it out again when my skin recovered. Personally, the skin irritation continued each time I used the device against my skin, so the gentle cleansing method wasn’t quite as gentle as I expected.


Although the daily cleansing did not work for me, I realized I loved using it for removing wash-off masks and focusing on my t-zones for whiteheads/ blackheads. I also love how many different cleansing methods there are programmed into the device, and the fact that there is an app to sync all your routines and offer tutorials.

Shop below and do your own research if you’re interested in trying it out!

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

A Cup of Owl