a cup of owl

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Hello! I received this product a couple of weeks ago to test and provide an honest review. I’ve done a video review on my Instagram, but also wanted to make sure to provide some pictures and more details on the Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer. I’ve been seeing ads for this product EVERYWHERE lately, so if you’re interested in giving this product a try, keep reading!

a cup of owl

This moisturizer comes with a clear spatula. It seems like more products come with spatulas included in the box lately! Is it just me? Anyways, I’m not complaining because I’m all about how our hands/fingers are the dirtiest and it helps to have the spatula to only take away what I need without disturbing the rest of the product 🙂

a cup of owl

The moisturizer is very lightweight, but it turned out pretty sticky for me once I applied it on my face. The best way I can think of to describe this moisturizer is that it feels like a stickier aloe gel. Everything about this product is VERY close to aloe products, but a little thicker with more viscosity. Aloe products are generally so lightweight where it just drips off the skin, but the cactus water moisturizer stays on. Once I rub it on the skin, it’s very soft and also has a cooling effect. This is another great product to keep in the fridge to boost that coolness!

a cup of owl

I found it interesting that when applied on my face, it takes a very long time to absorb and dry. Unless I really apply a tiny amount (which will never be enough to hydrate my entire face), it’s the same- sticky and slow to absorb. However, once I apply to my hands, it dries instantly. Maybe it has something to do with the thickness of my skin on the hands and face, but this is primarily the reason why I’ve been using it more on my neck and hands.

My Ratings (out of 5 stars, 5 stars being the best):

Value: *** – One pot is $38 for 1.61 fl oz. It’s on a similar price range compared to other moisturizers/creams but because this is a more lightweight moisturizer that applies easily, it’s easier to go through. The box also says to “apply liberally” and I am apparently very good at following directions (:

Texture: * – Has that feeling of a stickier aloe gel. The moisturizer itself is very lightweight, smooth, kind of reminds me of a pretty colored flubber, However, I’m just not a fan of sticky products!

Hydration: **** – It definitely is hydrating. It’s rather sticky when you first apply as I mentioned above. However, it does definitely hydrate my face when I leave it on overnight and wake up the next morning. 99% accurate to how my face feels when I wake up with an aloe product as well. It must be because cactus water and aloe are very similar!

Smell: *** – The smell doesn’t bother me too much. It really just smells like a regular aloe product. This is my first time using any type of cactus product, so it’s really interesting to see how similar aloe and cactus are.

Sensitivity: ***** – I’ve used it for over two weeks now, and I have not seen any redness/rashes/sensitivity going on my face.

In conclusion, I think I would give it a 2 out of 5. I think it’s a product that can work really well for some, but not for others. The biggest factor for me is how it feels on my skin upon application and how well the product absorbs into my skin, and this one had red flags for both of these categories. However, it definitely is a soothing product that makes my skin soft. I do not recommend using it during daytime because I noticed it just doesn’t go well with makeup on top of it, but it’s good for nighttime use! As always, thank you for reading 🙂


A Cup of Owl