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Now, let’s get into business. I cheated on my longtime go-to mask, and have been obsessed with re:p’s Bio Fresh Mask With Real Nutrition Herb. This mask is the first re:p product I’ve used, and I only have the best things to say. Re:p is known for its high-quality products specifically targeted for sensitive skin types, and it’s not surprising that the brand is a part of Neogen, which is also one of my favorite brands that are excellent for all skin types.

face mask face mask First, I love that this mask leaves my face SO moisturized and smooth every single time I use it. It’s a wash-off clay mask with herbs (peppermint and rosemary). The herbs help with gentle exfoliation and calms down redness (perfect for summer days like right now!) while the clay does amazing with moisturizing my skin. I love using my skincare products cold so it’s been perfect to use at night on days when I’ve been exposed to sun all day to calm down any redness or inflammation.

face mask

My Ratings (out of 5 stars, 5 stars being the best):

Value: *** – It’s $32 a pot for 130g/4.55 oz. You can determine if that’s expensive for a mask but I don’t think it’s bad at all considering how some products are almost double the price or more, yet are very unimpressive. Mine is from Soko Glam but you can also get it from Neogen directly (currently out of stock, so I recommend ordering on Soko Glam if you want it now. You also get free samples with Soko Glam with your order, so there’s that).
Hydration: ***** – So. so, so moisturizing and hydrating. This is one of the main reasons why I love this mask as well. Calendula and rose water are the key ingredients in this product that provides ample hydration.
Exfoliation: * – The herbs are meant to exfoliate as you roll them on your face, but I don’t really count this as exfoliation. I want to be able to see real results, so I like to use a scrub or peeling gels when it comes to exfoliation.
Smell: ** – I gave it two stars as in it doesn’t really smell good or bad. It definitely smells like rosemary and a similar smell to many of the organic, natural products you can usually find.
Sensitivity: ***** – This mask has been great since my first time, and I’ve recommended them to MANY of my friends and none of them have shown negative reactions so far! As I mentioned earlier, the re:p brand and Neogen are great with sensitive skin types, and this product absolutely proves that to be true!

Skincare posts like these are my favorite ones to do! The only downside that it takes time to try the product out. I want to always provide the best and honest review, so it’s best to always try a product for at least two weeks. So that’s why these kind of posts definitely come up slower than other posts. As always, thank you for reading!



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