Smart Packing: Skincare For 3 Days

I made a work trip out to Lakeway Resort & Spa in Lakeway, Texas last week (Read my review on the resort here!). Used to overpack all the time, but now I know to pack only what I need is the best. Especially for us females, beauty products seem to take up a whole lot of space, but I narrowed the list down to what I really needed during my stay at the resort.

I dig through my sample box for a quick getaway or when I don’t want to carry around too much. Not only does this save so much space, but you’ll be surprised with how much these samples contain.

What I decide to bring can change anytime. I switch up my skin products depending on the condition of my skin each week, and here’s what I took on my work trip!

 Make-Up Remover (Pond’s Cold Cream – not pictured; click the link for pic) and Cleanser (Kiehl’s):

As always, I made sure to use an oil-based make-up remover to take off all the make-up I had. The next step is to wash my face with the Ultra Facial Cleanser from Kiehl’s. I chose this cleanser because it’s very gentle on my skin. I was also breaking out a lot this week, so a gentle cleanser was very appropriate for my skin at the time.

 Serum (Sulwhasoo):

I brought this Snowise Ex Brightening Serum from Sulwhasoo to condense the process of using a toner + essence. Also, I knew Austin has very strong sunlight, so I wanted to make sure I do not develop any sun spots.

 Face sheet mask (Skin Food):

Face mask

Can’t forget a selfie! I kept a face mask from Skin Food in the fridge and used it for my second night. Austin was really dry, so I chose a mask that would target my dehydrated skin.

 Moisturizer (Kiehl’s):

When I travel to a different city, my usual skincare products sometimes show different reactions. This depends on the climate or the water condition in different locations. Due to this reason, I usually choose a gentle moisturizer that works for sensitive skin and is odorless. This time, I decided to bring Kiehl‘s Ultra Facial Moisturizer! This is also in the same line as the aforementioned cleanser.

 Eye Cream (SU:M):

I love this line in general, but I chose this specific Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream from SU:M because Austin is very dry for me, and my skin always tends to be drier when I stay at hotels because of their full blast air conditioning.


Throughout years of travelings, I learned to make it easy on myself by packing smart. It really comes down to what you really need during your stay. For me and this specific trip, these products were what I needed, and it was the perfect amount to last me for three days. When you purchase products online or in-store, always make sure to get samples. I LOVE samples because they’re perfect for traveling!
Instead of a face sheet mask, I also love utilizing sleeping masks. This Water Sleeping Mask (Available in-store at Target or on Amazon directly from the Laneige website) from Laneige is my all-time favorite sleeping mask. Sleeping masks are especially great for flying! I just put it on before I get in the plane or as soon as I get on the plane. That way, I can keep my skin super hydrated during the flight.

What are some of the must-pack products for you when you’re going on a quick getaway? Let me know by filling out the form below!

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