I’ve been carrying my Ursa Major Travel Essentials Kit ($48)* to the gym. My skin breaks out when I work out with makeup on, so removing makeup is crucial for me. The kit includes 5 Essential Face Wipes, Fortifying Face Balm, Fantastic Face Wash, 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic, and Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant. These are all essential products that I need before and after hitting the gym, so I found this kit super helpful!

If you’ve never heard of the brand, Ursa Major is a clean, natural skincare brand focusing on staying with simple ingredients that the skin needs for all genders and all skin types. Today, I want to do a one brand review talking about my thoughts on each of these products that the Travel Essential Kit has.

ursa major review - a cup of owl

4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic

This is known as their most versatile product because it serves as a cleanser, exfoliator, soother and hydrator. I never relied on this product as a cleanser just because the kit also comes with a face wash (mentioned below) and because this tonic dries matte. The scent is a bit too strong for me personally, and the website describes the scent as “Refreshing medicinal brew spiked with orange, lavender and fir.”

Essential Face Wipe

This wipe is pretty much a wipe version of the tonic mentioned above. I like that this is a bamboo face wipe and I use this wipe to remove makeup before working out and I can confidently say that it leaves my face more hydrated than others I’ve tried. Aloe and green tea are some of the main ingredients that this wipe has, which my skin loves!

Fantastic Face Wash

This face wash is best for combination and oily skin because it is a gel-to-foam face wash. The texture is extremely lightweight and foams up easily with water. I also find that this face wash leaves my skin feeling super refreshed, especially since I use it after a workout. It also doesn’t mess up the pH levels, and smells super fresh from the spearmint.

ursa major review - a cup of owl

Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

This product probably has the best scent out of all the products in the Travel Essentials Kit. The scent is really refreshing with a mix of mint and eucalyptus, and that feeling immediately carries over when applied to the pits as well. Of course since Ursa Major is a clean, natural brand, this deodorant is also aluminum-free. I like the silky, smooth glide that the deodorant has!

ursa major review - a cup of owl
Texture of Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm

Fortifying Face Balm

This hydrating, lightweight moisturizer immediately sinks into the skin. It definitely feels/looks more like a serum than a moisturizer. I do like to spray the 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic over this face balm because the finish of the face balm is a little too matte for me. I find myself being really picky with moisturizers because many clog my pores, but I like that this face balm is non-comedogenic and it makes my skin feel smooth.

Hope you found this review helpful if you’ve been eyeing any of these products! The Travel Essentials Kit is available on Ursa Major’s website, but you can buy these products individually with 15% discount using my code: REF15_6NQMFL.

*kindly gifted, but opinions are my own.

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