indie lee - a cup of owl
indie lee - a cup of owl
indie lee - a cup of owl
indie lee - a cup of owl

Indie Lee was one of the first brands I decided to try out when I switched over some of my products to clean products. I tried the Squalane Oil, and I immediately fell I love that I decided to try out some other products as well. Here are my thoughts on the Purifying Face Wash, CoQ-10 Toner, and the Daily Vitamin Infusion.

Purifying Face Wash

I am honestly not a fan of the scent, but I do love how well it foams and it serves as a great second cleanser for my double cleanse at night. I do get really scared that it’ll slip out of my hands in the sink because it’s in a glass bottle! However, I LOVE the glass packaging. This cleanser also doesn’t leave my face tight at all but hydrating and baby soft, so this immediately replaced my low pH cleanser. I also thought the ingredients were rather unique (maybe just me) because I haven’t seen java plum, clove, burdock or mandarin in a product I’ve used before!

I’ve also heard great things about the Brightening Cleanser and Rosehip Cleanser. The Rosehip one sounds really intriguing to try in the future! You can also get 15% off of these products using my code ref15_6nqmfl on Follain’s website.

CoQ-10 Toner

This toner is one of the products that are most mentioned when someone talks about the brand. The CoQ-10 Toner is also how I first heard about Indie Lee as well. I currently have the travel-size version which comes in a spray bottle unlike the full-size, so I’ve been loving it as a face mist throughout the day. Also, I’m always looking for alcohol-free toners- for all you people with sensitive like me, this would be a great toner for you to try out!

Daily Vitamin Infusion

This is one of their newer products. I was really excited to see another oil product because I absolutely LOVE their Squalane Oil (the first product I’ve tried from Indie Lee). They both feel very similar as far as them being lightweight oils, BUT I do experience more sensitivity when using the Daily Vitamin Infusion for some reason. I’ve been avoiding using it with a lot of other products together for this reason. I’m guessing it must be the Vitamin C because I also experience a slight redness, which is normal for me when I use any Vitamin C products. But then, my skin also feels amazing the next day… so I can’t quite complain about it 🙂

Using my code would be GREAT, but if you don’t want to, I have the products liked for you below!

I plan to do have more one brand reviews coming, so I hope you guys enjoyed this first one featuring Indie Lee. As always, thank you for reading!

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