Where did time GO? Can’t believe it’s already November and we’re looking at the end of 2018 really soon. I was in Japan and Korea for two weeks last month, and I’d say that was the biggest highlight of October for me. It was so nice to take time off for once, get out of the usual routine, visit a whole new country, meet family and friends in the motherland that I haven’t seen in a long time, and eat good food! I didn’t plan on it but it looks like my favorites for October are mostly skincare related, haha. What’s new, right? Here are my obsessions from the month of October!

October Favorites 2018

Boacay Toiletry Travel Bag

I brought all my toiletries in this bag during my travels in October, and it helped me so much as far as staying organized! The only con was that it was a little too big to carry on with me in my personal bag for flights and it can get a little heavy. The frame itself is wired I believe, so it’s a bit difficult to squish it if you’re running out of space in your luggage as well. I managed to make it work and was able to fit a LOT of products that I wanted to bring with me during my trip. Personally, it was a great way to stay organized and not lose anything!

Konjac Puff (similar one here)

Attention all those with sensitive skin! This is such an interesting cleansing tool that I’m surprised I haven’t tried out ’til now. I’m a firm believer in cleansing as the most important part of skincare. Since our hands can’t simply get everything in our pores, I like using devices like the BFF I mentioned before, the Foreo cleanser, or the Clarisonic Mia Smart I’m currently testing out. The devices are great, but this konjac puff has been a game changer for my daily cleansing routine.

This is originally not what I planned to get. I was looking for more of a sponge-type cleanser that I saw on YouTube, but they only had this and it seemed interesting enough. I’ve seen a lot of konjac puffs in the states but never thought about trying them out- perhaps because the surface looks rough. I imagined it to be more like a rock! However, little did I know because this konjac puff is softer than anything and is so squishy as well.

FARMACY Green Clean Cleansing Balm

I’ve seen everyone rave about the Green Clean, and although I hate to be that person- this product has convinced me to join the club. This cleansing balm is so gentle and smells soothing as well. Like the name, the balm itself is a green color (like a pretty pastel green) and it turns into oil as soon as it touches the skin. I

IOPE Cica Cream

Have you heard of cica creams? Cica creams have made a huge wave in Korea a couple of years ago and I’ve seen it slowly make an appearance on the shelves in the states starting last year. Cica creams all have Centella Asiatica as their main ingredient, which helps with strengthening the skin barrier and soothing inflammation/redness/irritation. The product I see mentioned frequently in the states is the Cicapair Line from Dr. Jart, which is a cica cream.

This is all I used at night in Korea because my skin was so irritated. I believe in this product because I woke up looking a LOT better the next day. I carried a travel-size with me, but I have the regular-sized tube as well, and it’s been one of my holy grail products that I have yet to use! Although it’s a cream, it isn’t sticky or thick, so I use this during the day as well.

That wraps up my October favorites! I always try to be a little more detailed on my blog since I have the space to write endlessly. If you’re a video person, be sure to check the video below! As always, thank you for reading! 🙂




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