I’m a little behind on the blog game because I’ve been really sick (what a great way to start the New Year). BUT! I am truly excited about 2018. I’ve been waiting for 2018 for a long time and I’m so glad it’s here. It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m already so excited for all the adventures, memories, and opportunities I will face in the New Year.


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Each year, I make a list of New Year resolutions and look back at it over and over. I do this to keep the same mindset I had on day one of the New Year. Here are my 2018 New Year resolutions that are rather different from my past ones!

  • Be Happy- Not because I decided to get a dog and name him Happy. This word really resonated a lot with me throughout 2017. It’s so easy to lose this mindset when you’re busy working and are constantly surrounded by people with all sorts of personalities. Although you can’t change certain situations or people, it shouldn’t bring you down in any way. I hope to become a happy person who has a positive influence and sends happy vibes to others.
  • Serve– My parents have always taught me to keep this mindset about “serving others.” That’s why I like to spoil my friends, do random things for people sometimes (read this post) and this is something I want to continue doing. I also want to be more involved in my church, because that’s almost the easiest way to serve. Helping out on a mission trip, an event, or taking a part in a team/organization, or whatever it is. Serving is a huge part of my life that I should never forget about!
  • Be Thankful– It’s important to remember why I’m enjoying all the things I have now. It’s even more important to be thankful for everything and to stay positive under any circumstances. I drop my positive mindset when I face hardships, but I want to be someone who isn’t broken down so easily. If I do, I want to be able to get back up right away and be a stronger person who learned lots from the experience!
  • Healthier Habits– I want to become a morning person, exercise more regularly throughout the week, not skip breakfast, cut down coffee, and pay more attention to organic/natural beauty, food, product use. These are oh-so-hard habits that I haven’t done well which will take time to change!
  • Letting Go– I thought I was good at letting the past be what it is, but no. This was definitely a struggle for me in 2017. In 2018, I hope to let go of all the things/people who bothered me.

What are your New Year resolutions? I’d love to hear about them (: Here’s to a wonderful year ahead of us!