Long time no see! I’ve been abroad for the past couple of weeks and if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve shared videos and pics here and there. I feel like I can never get enough of traveling, but it’s also so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed 🙂 Stay tuned for lots of more posts and videos from my travels!

Today, I put together an in-flight skincare routine video that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I was able to film this on my flight to Japan, and although the audio didn’t cooperate, I hope you still enjoy.

Before you watch the video, here is a quick summary of my in-flight skincare routine that helped me last 13 hours!

  1. Clean hands – I use an alcohol wipe to wipe my hands because I want to make sure they are clean before touching my face. The plane water conditions are known to be unsanitary, so I avoid using the water to touch my face at all times!
  2. Double cleanse – I used a cleansing water on a cotton pad to wipe my face, and went in a second time using water from a bottled water. Cleansing waters just don’t make me feel completely clean, so I used clean drinking water to wipe my face off again.
  3. Tone – Face mists are so convenient when it comes to flights. Not only do I eliminate a step to have my hands touch my face, but I also love that I can constantly spray my face throughout a long flight.
  4. Moisturize – I like to use a thicker cream type product as a moisturizer since being on a plane completely dehydrates my face. I need all the hydration I can have! Depending on how dry my face is, I layer the cream twice or even three times.
  5. Lock in the work – Instead of using a face mask and scaring a flight attendant, a face oil will do. Not only does the oil substance help lock in all the work I did previously, but it’s also extra hydrating! I’ve been loving this face oil by AKT Therapy and couldn’t give more love to it during my entire trip.

Now, if you’re ready for the video, click below and enjoy 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet!



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