Hello! Today, I wanted to share my go-to summer skincare routine. I divided the post up into my AM and PM routine because the focus is rather different. For both routines, however, the whole purpose is to use products that my skin really needs at the time. I have a sensitive combination skin but it tends to get a little oily in the t-zones during the summer. Also, it needs lots of hydration after I cleanse more so than the other seasons. I want to make sure the few products I choose to use are all lightweight yet are hydrating my skin in and out. Here are my current routines:


I only wash my face with the COSRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser if I wake up with an oily face. This usually happens when I maybe sweat overnight or I just got really warm in my bed. Usually, I try not to use a morning cleanser!


The Etude House Soon Jung Toner is such a gentle toner that literally just feels/looks like water. Etude House is more known for their makeup but the Soon Jung line has been a huge hit. It’s been especially popular among people with sensitive skin or those looking for gentle, affordable products that are free of harsh chemicals and with good ingredients. My skin fluctuates a lot during the hotter times, so I want to stay with the most gentle products and this toner has been doing its job!


Two layers of Vanicream is enough for me! I originally bought this because it really helped with my eczema and rashes, so it’s perfect for any season and the most sensitive skin types. It seems thick but it applies as a light layer


I purchased the Innisfree Oat Mild Moisture Sunscreen after reading a lot of mixed reviews, but it’s personally been working for me. As far as the texture, it blends in very well but it does dry a bit tacky. It’s not sticky or completely dry, but I think it’s right in the middle. What I like about this is that it contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which are two ingredients I primarily look for in a sunscreen (refer to my sunscreen posts here and here) but it doesn’t leave a visible white cast and it’s a great finish for my skincare before applying makeup because it almost feels like it creates a coat on my face that sets everything in place.

I usually finish off with a bb/cc cushion but I haven’t even been doing that lately because it’s just SO HOT and my pores just feel/look so clogged when I apply anything else on. Pretty much, I’ve been going up make-up free and it’s been GREAT. It’s giving my skin some room to breathe and cleansing definitely got easier! 

After a lot of sun exposure during the day, it’s so important to cool down the face at night. The PM routine contains a few extra steps compared to the AM routine, but I have my reasons! While I apply minimal products and keep it really light during the day, I want to make sure to do as much as I can for my PM routine. I specifically choose vitamin c or hyaluronic acid-rich products, so my skin can drink it up and regenerate over night.


I always practice the double-cleansing method by using an oil cleanser and a water-based/ foaming cleanser, but I spend extra time cleansing during the summer. I’m currently using the TonyMoly Apricot Cleansing Oil and Skinceuticals Soothing Cleanser. I also like to use the oil cleanser first, massage it over my face to get everything, wash it off and hop in the shower. After my showers when my pores are open, that’s when I go in with the foam cleanser. This has made a huge difference for me to cleanse my pores thoroughly.


A-Thera Tea Tree Peeling Sticks have been my main go-to for exfoliating the skin and opening up pores and blackheads with AHA and BHA. If I break out, I use this on the spot and all over my face. Exfoliation is key to make sure the pores are not clogged from all the makeup + sweat during the hotter days. However, do remember to not exfoliate TOO MUCH! I use this about 2-3 times/ week during bad weeks and once/ week on good ones 🙂


After exfoliating, I use the COSRX Moisture Up Pad as a cleansing toner to add hydration and also get rid of any leftovers that I have on my face. For my PM routine, I like to add an extra layer of toner by using the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner. My skin has been a fan of the Licorice toner during seasonal transitions when my skin is the most sensitive due to climate changes. Not only is it super hydrating, but I love that it includes licorice root extracts to help with brightening and really helping me get the supple skin.


I’ve been really into zone masking lately. Zone masking is dividing up the face and using specific masks on specific areas (e.g. clay mask on the nose and chin for pores, hydrating mask for cheeks, etc.). Also, when I do have a sheet mask on (from my fridge, of course) I use an ice roller to massage the essence/ampoule from the sheet masks into my skin. Not only is this a good way to cool down the face but it also helps your skin drink up the essence twice as more making it extra effective. This is a method my dermatologist has done for me and I decided to purchase a more affordable option from Amazon.


I reach for vitamin C, propolis or hyaluronic acid serums. The vitamin C serums help prevent dark spots from coming up the surface and treat the ones that have already come up. However, I do make sure to complement to whichever sheet mask I end up using the night of. If I use a sheet mask soaked with hyaluronic acid, I avoid using the same and go with an EGF or propolis serum.

Soothing Gels

Soothing gels help cool down my face and lock in all the work I put in. Specifically, my favorites are this one or this one. This bamboo gel is a great option as well! I personally find soothing gels more helpful than applying a moisturizer at night.


That wraps up my day and night skincare routine that I’ve been doing all summer! However, my routine is going to change for the next couple of days. I’m on a very limited routine because I just got my first Sublative Rejuvenation treatment (skin resurfacing) on Monday. Follow me on Instagram and stay connected to see some progress updates. As always, thank you for reading!




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