Monthly Obsessions: September 2017

Is it just me or is the second half of the year always so much faster? I can’t believe we have 12 more Mondays for the rest of 2017! September was a super busy month for me, work-wise and social-wise. It finally seems to have cooled down a little bit, but you never know with Texas… so we shall see. However, I really am excited that we’re transitioning to my favorite season and a whole new month. Today, I want to¬†share my favorites from the month of September!

I scored these for $20 a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been a great casual pair I can wear anywhere. I love that these are super easy to slip on and off, and there isn’t any lace drama going on.

This book has always been on my list and I never got around it for some reason. Finally borrowed this book from a friend and took this along during my Vancouver + Seattle trip. I love traveling and that’s exactly what this book is about. A divorced lady who leaves everything to find her true self and happiness while traveling to Indonesia, Italy, and India. If you’re all about the adventure-seeking life, try this book out!

This was an anniversary gift, and I’ve worn it every day for the past two months!

I was a bit conflicted in the beginning because I’ve never worn a bead bracelet before. However, it’s now a daily necessity because the color and the design literally goes with anything. I also love how the signature Tiffany heart stands out. This has permanently been on my left wrist for the past two months! Thank you, oppa <3

I’ve been using this lip essence as almost a primer for my lips. Smells amazing, leaves your lips feeling super smooth, and it’s glossy but not the sticky type! My favorite part is that this has SPF 15 so I use it as a primer for my lips in the morning and throughout the day.

What were some of your favorites for this month?

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