A little behind the schedule, but I still wanted to make sure to post this! Better late than never, right? I’ll just get straight to the point. Here are the things I obsessed over throughout the month of December!

december obsessions

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one | Modeling Mask Cup Packs (www & www)

I’ll do a separate post on how these modeling masks work & all, but I’ve been obsessed with specifically the “cup” ones. It’s been awhile since I’ve loved modeling masks, but I specifically found modeling masks that come in cups. These disposable cups are perfect for a one-time use and you can find them online! I got some of mine at Riley Rose at their grand opening and I’ve gotten back to get like 10 more. Stay tuned for a separate post on how I modeling masks work.

two | Antioxidant Inner Beauty Supplement (www)

This Antioxidant Inner Beauty Supplement by The Beauty Chef has been my daily supplement all throughout December (and still is). I fill the cap up (this is how I measure it), mix it in with 1/2 cup of water and drink it! It does great with sparkling water too. I’ve seen great reviews about this supplement and it’s not cheap, so I really expected to see some results. So far, I LOVE it.

The bottle surprisingly has lasted for a long time as well. I take it twice a day (morning on an empty stomach and night). This supplement is full of enzymes and it’s the best way to get your probiotics in without having to take pills. It also helps with glowing skin. I definitely notice it when I have no makeup on and my skin has this healthy glow! I’m about to order the other bottles as well (collagen and hydration) to test them out as well. I’ll be doing a separate post on this, so stay tuned!

three | Bath Bombs (www & www

It’s actually been cold here in Texas, and I’ve totally taken advantage of some bath bombs I got as a holiday gift here and there. I also brought it with me to my Christmas trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas (see this post). I don’t know about you, but it’s just so relaxing to soak your body in hot water and just listen to music or read a book. I’m really sensitive with smell, and I love things that smell good. Bath bombs are just one of those things that always smell good, so I can never resist picking one up when I’m in LUSH or wherever I may see them. I also think it’s a perfect gift for your co-workers or friends for any occasion!

four | IT by Stephen King (www)

First, let me start by saying this was a LONG BOOK. It took me forever to read this because I was so busy in December with all the holiday festivities! Second, this man’s definitely not normal. I know they made a movie out of this recently, and I want to see it although I’m being a chicken for now, haha. I bought the Kindle edition of this book so I’ve carried it around with me all month trying to finish it. In a super summary, the story is about seven adults who go back to their hometown in Derry, Maine. The main reason they return is to face the trauma they had as teenagers, which is It. As the story goes on, you can really sense that King incorporated his childhood trauma into his book and his perspective of a small town that is full of darkness and horror. I need to watch the movie now that I finished the book!


I also want to end on a note that I truly thank everyone who kept up with my blog last year, and I can’t wait to be more active with new content in 2018. A Cup of Owl has really been a place for me to share information, get some feedback, and document my life outside of work. It definitely wouldn’t be possible without my wonderful readers who support me and who give me the opportunity to do so! Thank you to each one of you who help me continue with my blog. And as always, thanks for reading (: