Back with a skincare review! Haven’t done reviews in a while, so I wanted to start it off with one of my favorite masks: Mask of Magnaminty by LUSH. First off, this is embarrassing as a long-time user, but I thought the name was Mask of Magnanimity this entire time… Shame on me. Can’t believe nobody corrected me after all these years!

This mask is pretty well-known in the beauty/skincare market and many of you probably know about it. I am a huge fan of some LUSH products (there definitely are some that just don’t work for me) and this product has worked especially well for me!

What I like about this mask:

  • Minty, tingling, cooling feeling –  I love the minty smell and the refreshing, tingling feeling when I apply the mask and once I remove it.
  • Natural ingredients – The featured ingredient of this mask is Primrose Seeds. Some benefits of the primrose seeds include reducing irritability, redness, and poor wound healing. Peppermint oil is also a part of the mask, which helps reduce inflammation as well.
  • Gentle exfoliation – I gently remove the mask from my face by massaging my face gently in a circle, starting from my cheeks.

My Ratings (out of 5 stars, 5 stars being the best):

Value: **** – The price is great. In fact, I would even pay more, but I wish the pot was slightly bigger! I go through these way too fast.
Hydration: **** – The mask has honey, which helps with soothing and moisturizing the skin. Some masks leave my face very tight after I wash my face, but this one really doesn’t.
Exfoliation: *** – Obviously doesn’t exfoliate as much as other exfoliating-specific scrubs, but this does a very gentle exfoliation. Perfect to use daily for your PM routine!
Smell: ***** – As I mentioned earlier, I LOVE the smell. But that’s just me! I know some people who are not fans of minty things.
Sensitivity: ***** – With sensitive skin, I have yet to experience any sort of negative reactions from this mask. That’s probably why I continue to use it for years and years!

mask of magnaminty

The next time you’re in a LUSH store, be sure to check out Mask of Magnaminty. Try it on your hands or even ask if you can take home a small sample! If you’re interested in one now, you can buy it online here. For online orders, there’s also a subscription option, where you can choose every one month to six months. Just love spreading the word about my favorite skin care products! As always, thank you for reading (:

  • Self-preserving pot: It took me time to realize what the true difference is between the self-preserving pot (has a sticker that says “self-preserving” and the normal one, and I’ve used both. The only difference really comes down to the lifespan of the mask. The self-preserving masks adapt to different temperatures and conditions, where the other ones don’t. When you compare two pots, the normal one looks drier compared to the self-preserving one.
  • Keep it cold: Again, if you’ve read my past skincare posts like this one or this one, I like to keep my things cold. It just works better on my skin. For this mask, I think it’s especially effective. It already has a tingling feeling when you apply it, but applying a cold mask takes a skincare routine to a whole different level.
  • Check for negative reactions: Just to check if your skin is okay with the mask, apply a small amount on your neck or on your hand and wait 10-15 minutes to see!