long flight

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to share some travel tips on how I deal with a long flight. Fortunately, I am very capable of sleeping anywhere + everywhere. It’s not the most comfortable setting to sleep in, but I know a lot of people who just cannot get even a minute of sleep. For these people, long flights can absolutely be exhausting.

Here are 9 ways I kill my time on long flights! I get stuff done that I’ve been pushing off and time goes by a LOT faster. If I’m going to be stuck on a plane without the Internet, might as well make it productive!

1. Edit/organize my photos– I’m a huge photo person as you guys know from my social media, so photos take up a huge chunk on my phone or computer. This is the perfect time to delete those blurry photos and create folders to organize all of them.

2. Read a motivational/inspirational book– I always try to either bring a book or my Kindle to read on the plane. If I forget, I will most likely get one from the airport before boarding. I realized that motivational and inspirational books tend to be quicker reads for me, so this is a great way for me to spend time on the plane.

3. Watch a movie– I know for some domestic flights, this is not an option. However, most flights do have screens nowadays, and it’s a great way to kill time (you can also download movies on your laptop + iPad) on a long flight. I personally love watching movies when I have meals, so I’m not awkwardly staring at people while eating my bread and chicken. On my way back to Paris, I saw Wonder Woman & War for the Planet of the Apes. Both were great movies!

4. Clean/organize my phone– Movies are great to kill time, but I can only stare at a screen for so long. I switch around between different things to keep myself entertained for long flights. I also like to clean/organize my phone to empty space. It’s always surprising to see how much space clears up after deleting a couple of apps or videos/photos I no longer need!

5, Listen to a podcast– Listening to a podcast seems to be the perfect solution when I’m going to sleep so I don’t get distracted by crying babies or a snoring neighbor. I have some recommendations that I mentioned in this post!

6. Write my blog posts– I started this post on my long flight back from Paris over the weekend. Even if I don’t have my computer, I like to use whichever device I have that has a “notes” option to jot down random content ideas and start a draft.

7. Organize my bag + wallet– I hope I’m not the only one guilty of this… I always find candy/gum wrappers and old receipts in my bag and wallet. I make sure to ALWAYS do this on a flight (:

8. Come up with a schedule for the week– I like to use a planner to really write stuff out, but I also do it on my iPhone as well. This way, I really won’t forget some of the important things I have to do for the week. I’m on my phone anyways, so I can scroll through the calendar to mark important dates + create notifications.

9. If I’ve done all of these, and I still have miles to go… I SLEEP.

If you’re not a sleeper, try some of these for your next flight. As always, thank you for reading and stay tuned for some Paris posts coming soon!


A Cup of Owl