With fall here, I’ve focused on keeping my lips moisturized and toning down my colors for more nude and natural tones. Today, I want to share my favorite lip products that I use at the moment!

lip products


This little pot goes a lonnnnnnnng way! Out of all LUSH products, and this lip scrub has been my go-to for years. I love how this mint scent (if you’re not a mint person, there are more options here) leaves my lips a tingling, refreshing feel afterward, and the particles are very gentle when exfoliating.
lip products


This lip balm is known has been well-known for the longest time (I literally remember using it when I was in 6th grade), and I continue to buy it because it’s literally the best lip balm out there on the market. The only con is that you have to buy it online, BUT there’s gotta be a way I can find it in-store in this country! If anyone knows, PLEASE let me know. It’s been a little chilly lately in the mornings and at night, so I’m extra focused on keeping my face and body hydrated and moisturized. I hate dealing with dry, flaky skin, so extra it is! This lip balm does an excellent job for my lips, so that’s why I cannot give up going back and back to this product.

lip productsTHREE

This Powermatte Lip Pigment from the NARS lip collection is love. My favorite is Walk This Way, but I honestly love all 20 shades out there. I’ve never been a matte-product user, and this is my first one but I really like it. I was worried that the matte product will emphasize the wrinkles on my lips or make them dry, but nope! It’s very moisturizing, light and the color stands out very well for each one. For my first application in-store for testing purposes, I ended up with no smudges and the color stayed on for another good 5 hours after. This is the perfect lipstick for those who are all about care-free products like myself!

lip productsFOUR

This product is technically called a lip primer, and I disagree. I consider it a tinted, moisturizing lip balm. There are 4 different colors, and I use this coral one because it fits best with my lip color. Although the different color options may be deceiving, they all aim for a pink tint. So just because I have a coral color does not mean I get a coral tint. It just depends on the color of your lips and the colors naturally adjust to bring out the most natural pink hue from your lips. Does that make sense?
lip products


Like this lip tattoo, I like lip products with an applicator. I really fell in love with 351-natural nude because it blended in really well with my natural lip color yet with a slight hint of color, and it’s right between matte and glossy. It’s the perfect amount of natural shine you need. It’s also a “tattoo,” so it stays on for a while as well!

So there goes my list of a couple of lip products I wanted to share that are my favorites now. If you have any other recommendations for me, please let me know by filling out the form below; I’d love to hear and try it out! As always, thank you for reading!