Daily Lemon Water Detox

Sometimes (actually all the time), I feel like I create more work for myself… One of the things on the list is making lemon water! Lemon water is the easiest way I can do a detox, anywhere and anytime. I know it works because it reflects on my skin and body when I do. I’ll be going to the State Fair this weekend, so this detox water will be a necessity after all that goodness!

  • Buy some fresh, organic lemons – I usually go to Whole Foods for their organic lemons. They’re big and are 90% of the time in good shape. Tom Thumb, Kroger or Wal-Mart with their sad-looking lemon choices have never worked out for me.
  • Wash the lemons with vinegar and coarse salt – This is a whole sanitary thing. If I’m soaking my water with these lemons all day, I need them clean!
  • Remove seeds – Seeds make the water bitter, so I try my best to remove all seeds.
  • Chop, chop – One whole lemon is what I use for my water bottle + unlimited water refills.
  • Drink! – I use my water bottle that fills up 1.42L.

I try to do drink lemon water as much as I can because the difference in how my body feels and how my skin looks is HUGE when I compare the weeks I do drink with when I don’t. This has also been a widely recognized detox method that many celebrities do the night before a photo shoot or before an important event. I drink lemon water every day, but I also need to do better about always having lemon in my water when I eat out. If this is you, start working on it today! (:

  • If I need a little boost to start the day or to keep me going throughout the day, I drop in some energy/Vitamin C tablets from Nuun. My favorite is the Blackberry Citrus because I feel like it goes really well with the lemon water! The color is also pretty (I’m all about the visuals).
  • Doing this every morning is a hassle, especially if you’re not a morning person like I am. I pre-cut them, remove the seeds, and put them in a glass jar so I can easily just drop them in the water bottle before heading to work in the morning!