A juice cleanse is something I’ve always wanted to try. If you’ve never done one, you must’ve definitely heard of it. It either comes down to, why would I pay to not eat food? or I want to actually try this and see if it works.

First off, you’re not starving yourself by any means. You’re just not consuming solids! I usually do a healthy diet each year, and I chose to do a juice cleanse this year (thanks to Juice From The RAW‘s awesome Black Friday sale). I went with the beginner 5-day juice cleanse right after my Chicago weekend trip (if you haven’t seen my Chicago post yet, you can find it here!) on a Monday, so it was the perfect time to start a cleanse after so much good food!

juice cleanse

Here’s the order: 

Choose the cleanse you want (beginner, intermediate, advanced / 1-day, 3-day and 5-day)

Add to cart *** use coupon code DeliverMe for free shipping! *** There’s also good deals all the time on Groupon and on the website, so check carefully.

Enter all your information and choose a delivery date (make sure to plan it so the juices arrive a couple of days before your anticipated start date)

Wait for the big box and start eating lightly, drink lots of water the week before you start your cleanse!

The beginner level 5-day cleanse involves 4 juices a day. The juices are simply two green-based juices, and two fruit/non-green juices. You can see the exact order of my cleanse below! For a perfect cleanse, you’re not allowed to eat food. However, you can have some raw nuts or a vegan salad, only if you really need something else besides juice.

juice cleanse

Following a schedule is something I really like to do, so what you see above was perfect. I froze all the juices when they arrived and thawed the next day’s juices the night before. You should not thaw them overnight, so I tried to keep them in the fridge before going to sleep. Overall, I lost 7 pounds and I feel so much lighter, energized and healthier. It’s all about the mentality as well- just stuck with it despite all the temptations, and I felt so much better than I did 5 days before I started the cleanse.

I went ahead and wrote little notes after each day, just to accurately track how I felt/ what my thoughts were on the cleanse. That way, I’m not thinking about how each day was like 5 days later. Read on!

DAY ONE – The juices have actually been very filling, and I’m not hungry. A lot of people seem to be interested in the juice cleanse as well because I’ve gotten so many messages from my social media posts. Now that I made a huge deal all over social media, I BETTER finish it strong! I don’t have any cravings today and most of all, I’m glad the juices taste pretty good compared to others I’ve tried in the past. If the juice tastes bad, then it ruins everything and then you’re forcing yourself to chug it at that point. But for me, I’ve been really enjoying each bottle especially since it’s the first day! They say day four is when it starts getting hard, so I’m excited to see how the next few days will be. My favorite today: The Pine-Apple Mint. Seriously, why can’t they have more of these?

DAY TWO – Yay! Still positive about this whole cleanse. Woke up feeling so much lighter than yesterday. I’ve lost 4 pounds, and it’s probably all water weight, but I feel great. I accidentally switched day two and day three juices, so hopefully, that doesn’t matter too much… I’ve had mental cravings, but I’ve been more than fine physically. Seeing a trend in these juices; two greens and two fruity or non-green-ish drinks. My favorite today: Bloody Orange.

DAY THREE – It took me longer to finish each bottle today, mainly because I squeezed in a cauliflower salad for lunch. It was my one-year work anniversary today and I had to eat lunch with my boss, so I had no choice. The salad was completely vegan with lemon vinaigrette, so I didn’t feel too guilty. Good news: I honestly haven’t been craving any carbs or anything unhealthy! I definitely needed this cleanse after Thanksgiving. My favorite today: Spicy Lemonade

DAY FOUR – A lot of people messaged me about the bathroom life during a juice cleanse, but I haven’t had any problems. My belly has gotten very flat (let’s stay like this forever? I love it), and my skin looks healthier. Sure the juice cleanse has an effect since I’m getting rid of toxins. Still not craving much food, but I am not as energized as I have been the past few days. Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine? Maybe day four is my limit? My favorite today: Passion Fruit. I swear, I love all these fruity drinks!

DAY FIVE – Can’t believe I finished my cleanse today! My perfectionist side gets frustrated that I had to eat a salad, but I’ve done great otherwise. It has been a long 5 days with so many temptations. My parents decided to have the most amazing Korean feasts this week, so that was difficult and rude. Other than that, this cleanse worked out perfectly at work; no major luncheons and the holiday goodies haven’t rolled in yet. I lost 7 pounds, feel very clean, and I’m scared to eat anything unhealthy because I really like the way my body feels at the moment. Felt weak yesterday, but I feel just fine today. I’m just happy that I didn’t give up because juices are not cheap! If I’m spending money, I better get my money’s worth.

juice cleanse

Overall, I think it’s great to do some type of cleanse every 6 months or once a year. We eat out so much and most likely unhealthy food. My mom wants to do it with me too, so there’s that. Our bodies just need that “reset” button every once in a while, and this was the perfect option for me. May not be for everyone else, but definitely worked out for me. Hope this helps anyone who hasn’t tried a juice cleanse or has been on the fence about it. Give it a try and let me know how your experience was! As always, thank you for reading (:

Also, here’s a Pinterest graphic if you want to pin now and save for later. Just hover your cursor over the image and save onto your board. If you’re interested now, give it a try and make your purchase here!

juice cleanse

  • Choose a work week: Monday to Friday worked out best for me. You’re at work for 8 hours a day,
  • Detox the week before: You always want to prepare your body so your body doesn’t go into shock mode when you all of a sudden cut all solid foods. Doing a proper detox will also help you transition into the cleanse better, without too many cravings.
  • Drink LOTS of water: The more you drink, the better. Water helps flush the toxins out faster!
  • Find an accountability partner: I had two other co-workers join me in the cleanse! It’s a huge motivating factor. If you’re going to sacrifice and take on a challenge, it’s best to have someone do it with you!
  • Not for college students: Unless you’re super, super motivated and you’re committed to locking yourself down. The schedule when you’re in college and all the temptations just make it very difficult. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do a 5-day juice cleanse like I did if I was in college.
  • Look out for discounts: Juice cleanses are not cheap! I would wait for a major sale (seasonal, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s) and order then.
  • Be strong: You’re better than that. Give yourself a try to stick with it! Obviously, don’t be stupid and make lunch/dinner plans. If you want to commit to it, really do it!