Hello! I’m so excited to FINALLY bring you all my Japan series before it gets any more delay. I recently visited Japan with my mom for a couple of days before heading to Korea, and it was such a great experience. I’ll be dividing the series up into two or three parts (I’ll have to see once I put everything together), but I wanted to kick the series off to actually include my flight TO Japan.


It was my first time ever taking Japan Airlines from Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW) to Narita (NRT). The best part, however, is that we had the opportunity to fly Business Class, so the experience was obviously even better. Japan Airlines is known for their outstanding customer service, the food, and the wider Economy seats. I’ve never enjoyed being on a plane so much in my life. If this was the case, I can’t imagine being on those those luxurious First Class planes from Singapore Airlines or Emirates. I can at least dream about it, right?

japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt
JAL Sky Suite from DFW to NRT, Boeing 787-8


Who really loves free stuff? Because I do. So I was definitely excited to see the Japan Airlines Amenity Kit. The kit included: a toothbrush kit that had a sanitary cap and toothpaste, a lip balm, a steam eye mask (this was amazing because it literally heated up instantly and it was so nice to lay it over my eyes when going to sleep), a pocket tissue, and a moisture mask. Not pictured but there were also earplugs!

japan travel diary - japan airlines


Now, my favorite part the plane more than being able to actually lay down and sleep, was the FOOD. I’ve heard so many great things about the quality and arrangement of the food, so I’ve been excited since the day I booked the flight. And guess what? It definitely did not disappoint. I truly admire the Japanese culture where they serve just the right portion (at least for me) and the overall much healthier food options.

My observations:

  • There was only one meal whereas you would usually get two for an international flight, but it’s not disappointing at all. Keep reading.
  • There are two “appetizers” in my opinion. If you look at the full menu (attachment to the specific menu we had, because they change seasonally), the Sakizuke was the first food we had. However, they ended up bringing out this lovely arrangement you see in the first picture below. They call this Irodori Gozen in the menu, and I really thought this was the main menu… but it wasn’t. That’s why I’m calling it two appetizers and honestly, I would’ve been absolutely okay with this being the main menu.
japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt
Irodori Gozen (Selection of Seasonal Colorful Delicacies)

When I thought the delicious main meal was over, the real main meal came out and the dessert.

japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt
The Main Menu
japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt
Vanilla Blanc-Manger and Green Tea
  • Instead of the usual second meal, there was an Anytime You Wish menu that had meals you can order whenever and however many times as you want. I had the JAL’s Recommendation as you see below, fresh fruits, ice cream, and also the Japanese Hot Udon Noodles. It’s a lot… I am aware.
japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt
Anytime You Wish Menu – Smoked Venison and Cajun Shrimp Rice Bowl

After about a 14 hour flight, we made it to Japan well rested and happy! Overall, my expectations were high for Japan Airlines and the flight was more than my mom and I had hoped for. It was also so refreshing to receive above and beyond customer service, which we almost never see among some airlines lately. I would definitely fly with Japan Airlines again in the future and strongly recommend it to anyone!

japan airlines - business class dfw to nrt

That wraps up the first part of my Japan Travel Diary! I also put together this video if you’re even more of a visual person than just pictures. As always, thank you for reading 🙂


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