One thing I like to do is to check out the app store and see what are some new apps. Productivity, games, health, finance, social media, and so much more; there seems to be an app for literally everything lately! Out of everything that I use daily, I picked 10 of my favorite iPhone apps. Read on!

iphone apps

Here are some productivity tools and apps I love to utilize in my daily life (in no particular order):

  1. Qapital– I’m a big spender and I love saving as well, so why not do both!? Simply, this app allows you to set how much to “save” each time you spend a certain amount. For example, for every $5 I spend, I set it up so I automatically save $5. You can also set goals, which is my favorite part. I do this a lot for my trips as a trip fund since it’s nice to have funds available by the time it’s time for the trip!
  2. LoseIt– If you’re watching your weight or are curious about what your daily intake is, this is a good app to record and measure your calories, weight, progress, etc., as well as helping you stay within a daily limit to reach the final goal. The measurements can’t be completely correct if you eat out, but I do my best to use an estimate and it still helps me look back at everything I ate that day. That way, I know to balance it out the next day. This app also allows links to my Apple Watch, so it measures workouts as well.
  3. VSCO– This app has been my favorite photo editing tool since EVER. There are lots of editing options to play around to get that perfect picture ready for the gram!
  4. Planoly– I consider Planoly as an Instagram manager. This app helps you get that perfect grid, provides analytics, saves hashtags and lets you schedule posts (this scheduling tool will not actually post the pictures for you, but sends you a notification). If you’re a big Instagram person like me, this shall be helpful (:
  5. Google Keep– This is Google’s note-taking service, and I also added it as a Chrome extension on my desktop. I can also set reminders, which I love. I’m ALL about reminders, even with the smallest little things! This helps me a lot with my daily tasks at work and personally.
  6. Headspace– Meditation is something that really helps me get through a tough day or clear my mind of little things that may bother me. You can also set a reminder for each day to meditate on this app (Mine’s at 7am each morning)!
  7. P Tracker Lite– For my ladies! I have used this app for years and this always helps me stay on track and be aware of an upcoming cycle. I also like how you can write notes and really document your symptoms + how you feel for that special month (bloating, cramping, breakouts, spotting, etc.).
  8. Fitplan– When I have to miss the gym, I workout at home using this app. You can join a fitplan (there are SO many) you want, and do a workout for that day (usually 6-8 exercises x 3 times/4 times). There are also videos by certified trainers, so this helps me out a lot!
  9. Apple Watch Activity– This is one of my favorite part about the Apple Watch. You get to choose a daily calorie goal, and the watch will pretty much monitor you for the entire day to track your progress. When I barely filled the rings in the circle, I do feel pretty worthless and feel like I need to move around. If I fill all of my rings, I get a “YAY you’ve accomplished your goal for today!” from the watch, which is a huge motivating factor. It’s just a fun way to get a workout in each day- only if you’re motivated enough 🙂
  10. WebMD Allergy– For those of you who know me personally, I have terrible allergies. My doctor recommended me this app a while ago, and it notifies me every morning how bad it is outside. That way, I know how to prepare myself and what’s out there!

These are my 10 favorite productivity tools and apps that I use all the time! What are some of your favorites? If you have any recommendations, please comment down below or feel free to reach out on Instagram– I want to hear all about it. As always, thank you for reading!


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