Just got back from New York City! Still not fully recovered, and I’m really realizing how I need a day of rest after any vacation. It’s really true when people say you need a vacation from a vacation. On the bright side, the week is already halfway over so I won’t complain too much. I’ll also be working on more NYC posts and a vlog as well, so stay tuned. To kick off the series, I wanted to start with the skincare products I brought with me.

New York is definitely more humid than Dallas, especially in the summer and let’s be real- it’s not the cleanest city. Packing lightweight products that do not clog my pores and doing a GOOD cleansing job were something I really considered because I knew I’d be walking around everywhere (literally, my average daily steps were 22,000 when it’s like 8,000 in Texas… what a shame). Luckily, the weather was a lot cooler than I expected. The first day was in the perfect 70’s and I was even getting a little cold once the sun went down. It did climb back up by the time I left the city, but the weather was fairly cooperating (80’s) during my stay and most of all, it wasn’t as humid as my last visit which I loved!

Shared this post earlier today on Instagram, and I wanted to do a detailed post on dissecting this pouch I brought with me 🙂

Triple Cleanse

Doing a cleansing job was something I really focused on because I walked around everywhere inhaling who knows what. There’s lots of different opinions on over-cleansing and while I agree that overdoing anything is never a good thing, if you use the right products to effectively target your skin’s needs, it can produce amazing results. In my case, cleansing water alone does not do its job and using a cleansing oil is the most effective way to melt all the makeup away. This 3-step method has been perfect for me for the past couple of weeks at nighttime!

  1. Laneige Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water
  2. Missha M perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil
  3. Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser– Love this gentle gel cleanser because it leaves such a minty, cooling feeling (contains menthol) after using it!


Didn’t bring a treatment essence, a brightening essence or ampoule. I don’t want to be carrying around so many things (you’re really not going to use every single thing you bring). These serums are multi-functioning for what I needed (skin barrier protection, pore control, hydrating), and it saved so much room in my pouch 🙂


Moisturizing is key anywhere I go, but especially when I have to be on a plane. The recycled air is gross enough, but what most people don’t realize is how much the air sucks up all the skin’s natural moisture barrier. When not on a plane, I focus on using ONE product that does a great job with hydrating long term. Layering products for daytime is something I’m not a fan of!

Sun Care

Some sunscreens really clog up the pores, so I made sure to choose a physical sunscreen with a base makeup that doesn’t clog up the pores and comes off pretty easily.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are perfect when I stay out late and I don’t want to go through doing all my usual skincare routine!

Spot Treatments

I always carry a spot treatment or a pimple patch in case of a sporadic blemish that pops up from the climate, water change. 

That wraps up my post for today! I apologize for the delayed posting- had a major panic attack with my blog disappearing on me. I’m so excited to get it back and most of my hard work is still here 🙂 As always, thank you for reading! If you haven’t, please follow me on Instagram– I’m super active, so this is the best way to stay connected!


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