green acres-glamping-austin-texas

Another bucket list item off the list! I got to go on my first glamping trip. If you’re not familiar with the concept of glamping, it’s a glamorous way of camping.

After doing a ton of research of different glamping sites in Texas, I finally found one that grabbed my attention. The glamping site I chose is called Green Acres and stands in Elgin, Texas- a small city pretty close to Austin, Texas. The entire property comes with 8 different accommodations; 2 big yurts (we stayed in one of these), 3 small yurts, the Spartan Mansion, Lodge, and Airstream.

green acres-glamping-austin-texas
green acres-glamping-austin-texas
green acres-glamping-austin-texas

We stayed at Yurt 1, which was one of the two bigger yurts. Compared to the 3 smaller yurts, the two bigger yurts was so much more spacious- I strongly recommend you pay extra to stay in these! We were the only ones on the property on the first day, so we got to check out all the other properties on the site (watch the video below!)

Each yurt (Yurt 1 & 2) came with these features:

  • Queen bed that sleeps 2 adults
  • Bedding, writers desk, lounge area
  • Fans, space heaters, air-conditioning, extra blankets
  • Electric blankets (a lifesaver that kept us warm)

The property itself has two bathhouses, a vintage barn that also has the kitchen and picnic tables, farm animals, and nature trails.

green acres-glamping-austin-texas
green acres-glamping-austin-texas

I can definitely see this being a great mini getaway, and I would definitely do it again in the future.

Watch the video for a detailed yurt tour and the entire property because we were the only ones on the property for the first day!

As always, thank you for reading!

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