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Hello! I’ve talked about my skin struggle back in October and products that changed my skin. However, the most important part that not a lot of people realize is the way you cleanse. 

Today, I want to talk about a gentle cleanse routine that I practice, especially when my skin is super sensitive. This is also how I’ve been able to recover my damaged skin from October. If you are struggling with a skin concern, think about your cleansing routine right now and compare it with mine. Hopefully this post helps! There’s also a video at the bottom for you visual people 😉

With sensitive, combination and acne-prone skin, I’m pretty high maintenance if you ask. After going through an intense skin concern recently, I switched up my routine and my skin improved drastically. In this post, I divided up my cleansing routine in two parts: my extremely sensitive days and my normal days. 

Jojoba Oil: If you know, you know. Jojoba oil is known to be great for hair and skin, but I’ve never actually used raw jojoba oil like this before. It’s always been a part of the ingredients list in a product I used but I’ve never thought about using it like this. I’m so glad one of my favorite Youtubers, Liah Yoo, decided to do a video on oils recently. She talks about the same jojoba oil I’ve been using so you should definitely go watch it! Jojoba oil is amazing at melting away blackheads + whiteheads and you can easily get it on Amazon or Whole Foods. I use the oil to massage all over my face and remove makeup, but I also use this in the mornings as well. You’ll definitely find that your face is super soft and much more hydrated after incorporating jojoba oil.

African Black Soap: If you’ve never heard of black soap, you’re missing out! African Black Soap has some amazing skin benefits. It’s one of those underrated products, so I try my best to spread the word as much as I can. Black Soap helps with treating acne, breakouts, dryness, reducing eczema and as well as acne scars. The soap does foam and is super gentle to use. However, it may cause a little tingling at first use- at least it did for me.

Green Tea Water: I received lots of questions on this when I demonstrated in my Instagram stories. I use about 1 tablespoon of organic green tea powder in a bowl of water or in the sink. With green tea water, here are two things you should remember: finish off the entire routine by splashing green tea water on the face, and don’t use a towel. Let that face air dry and let the face drink up all the green tea! Not only does this help calm down any redness and inflammation, but it also helps brighten and detoxes the face. 

Below is a video you can watch to see a demonstration!

Jojoba Oil: Same as mentioned above.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm: One of my favorite cleansing balms that I talked about in my October favorites. Such a gentle cleansing balm that does a great job removing all the makeup for me! I also have barely seen negative reviews on this product , so that’s always assuring.

Panacea Daily Facial Cleanser or Dr.G pH Cleansing Gel Foam: I rotate between these two. The Dr.G cleanser is one I’ve talked about in my Korea & Japan Skincare Haul video. This is a low pH gel to foam cleanser that I’ve been loving for over two months now! The Panacea cleanser is a recent addition and they were generous to send this over to me to try. Panacea is a new brand I discovered recently. The founder struggled with cystic acne for the longest time and decided to create a brand with products that work for anyone’s skin. The brand has also gone through 12-16 formula changes to make this possible. I like to rotate the two cleansers depending on what I feel like using that day!

Green Tea Water: Same as mentioned above.

That wraps up my gentle cleansing routine. I hope this helps some of you with sensitive skin like I do 😉 As always, thank you for reading! 


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