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Do you remember how I plan a trip? One thing I mentioned is to be wise about sleeping. For my Japan trip, I knew I wanted to have the traditional, nice Ryokan experience with my mom. I also knew that staying at a ryokan is not cheap! When I started planning out my Japan trip, it was impossible to make it to our final destination Shuzenji on our first day because we arrived (read about my Japan Airlines flight) around 4 p.m. From Tokyo to Shuzenji was almost a 3-hour bus ride, and that simply was too much to all do in one day. If we really risked it and went ahead to do it anyway, I would’ve had to deal with a very tired and angry mother and we would’ve wasted a night for our Ryokan. So! I decided to spend the first night in a very affordable CAPSULE HOTEL.  Capsule hotels were something I’ve seen a lot on travel videos and Instagram but I never got to try out.

I’ve seen 9 hours on Instagram before and after doing a lot of research, this one seemed to be the most clean and centrally located with positive reviews. I didn’t get to take pictures of everything because I was so busy recording everything so you can get a full tour at the end of this post! There are a couple of locations and the one we stayed at was in Shinjuku. There is also one in Kyoto and one near Narita Airport.

The whole branding of this specific capsule hotel was so minimal, clean and simple. Black and white and gray. It was definitely an environment I’ve never been in, but surprisingly very comfortable. Most of all, it’s so affordable. My mom and I both stayed for a night and the total came out to about $65.


When you walk in, you go up to the 8th floor where the lobby is to check-in. Directly connected to the lobby is a work area as well. Once you check-in, they give you your locker key (which looks like my business card, quite frankly) with a QR code and a bag with amenities (pajamas, two towels, slippers, shampoo and conditioner, and toothbrushes). Thought this was really cool how they provided all this! Please note: They charge you more if you want more towels.


Lockers, sleeping pod and bathrooms are all on the same floor. The lockers are narrow but long and was more than enough to fit two of my big luggage.


Bathrooms are near the lockers and the sleeping pod, so it was convenient if I ever had to get up in the middle of the night.


There is a separate floor with all the shower rooms. The shower rooms are also very well-designed. Imagine bathroom stalls but instead of bathroom stalls, they’re actual private shower rooms. None of the shower curtains and all! It’s fairly narrow but it’s super clean, they had storage area for my things and I was definitely satisfied.


There are separate sleeping floors for men and women. What is also interesting is that the way they have their elevator set up- there is no way a man can accidentally enter the women sleeping area. When you first enter the building from the outside, you can only take the elevator up to the 8th floor, which is the lobby. When you arrive on the 8th floor, there are two more separate elevators (one for women and one for men) to take you to the sleeping floor. So if you are concerned about privacy, you shall not worry!

Noise: The sleeping pod was so cool and very quiet. Noise was not a problem because everyone followed the rules. Each pod isn’t soundproof so I heard alarms go off in the morning here and there, but so did mine and it was not a big deal.

Inside features: The pod is fairly simple, just like their branding and literally everything in the building. There are “stands” where I put my phone on, a charging outlet, a kidney bean-shaped pillow, a handle for adjusting your lights, and a rolling blind for privacy.

Comfort: The mattress, the pillow, the temperature- everything worked well for me!

Overall, the experience was great and I would definitely do it again (probably with friends is easier). I can now cross off “sleeping in a capsule” off of my travel list! For specifically this hotel, you can decide to just nap, stay the night like we did, only shower, or only use the work area. I can definitely see this super useful for businessmen like my dad who have long layovers or need a place to take a shower and a quick nap before the next flight. Click here to see my YouTube video recap!

As always, thank you for reading! 🙂



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