Please note: This is not a sponsored post by Clinique, and I personally try all products for at least 2 weeks before reviewing so I can have a good say on whether it worked for me or not! 

I had a wonderful opportunity to do an Instagram campaign for Clinique so I got to try out the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer and the Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. I’ve never tried any of the products before, so I wanted to do a review so other first timers can have an idea! I’ve used these two products for the past two weeks under various circumstances, and here is my honest review about the two:

Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

  • SMELL *
  • COVERAGE *****
  • HYDRATION *****
  • LASTING *****

This product is a foundation and a concealer in one that’s meant to create a natural look, which is what I look for in any base makeup. I haven’t worn foundation since college, mainly because of how thick the products usually tend to be (I need my face to breathe) and how cakey it makes some faces look. However, I actually liked how this product was very lightweight and surprisingly very moisturizing yet with a matte finish. The foundation also comes with an applicator (like a big version of a lip gloss).

PRO: I worked an event that required me to last over 12 hours since my application, and I was so surprised to see how great the makeup stayed on after such a long time! Once again, the best part is that it’s super lightweight yet with great coverage.
CON: The foundation isn’t exactly 100% my shade. I think I’m like in the middle of 8 (golden neutral) and 9 (neutral).

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

  • SMELL *
  • FEELINGS *****
  • CLEANING *****
  • HYDRATION *****

Any balm cleansers are pretty much oil cleansers in a solid form. I like balm cleansers because it’s easier to carry around when travelling! I’ve had many cases where my oil products made a hot mess in my bags… and that’s a no-no.

PRO: What I like about this product is that it’s non-greasy, non-drying, and really goes through to take off my makeup, washing it off completely.
CON: The product itself is pretty big. Not sure if they have a travel size about this product yet, but that would be so much easier to carry around when travelling for me personally.

Have you tried any of these products? Please fill out the form below and let me know your thoughts!


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