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Since skincare is a huge part of what I enjoy, I am thankful to have amazing opportunities to test out different products. However, when I started getting an influx of products, I realized that I couldn’t keep up with what I was putting on my face and was actually damaging my skin.

Clean Beauty Discovery

Last year, I discovered the “clean beauty” world, and it was shocking to realize what kind of toxic ingredients I was putting into my skin. I thought I was being smart by avoiding certain ingredients, but there were FAR MORE to the list. And it immediately clicked why I break out occasionally in certain areas, and why I react to certain products more than others.

This is when I discovered stores that sell clean, non-toxic beauty products like Credo and Follain. Although some brands overlap between these two stores, I stop by Follain more because of the brand, the employees, and the strict restrictions list.

Everytime I visit Follain, I come back with a new fact that I did not know about. These pictures are from a happy hour event I was invited to a couple of weeks ago, and I had an amazing conversation with one of the employees there. I learned that the pores in our scalp are 2-3 times bigger than the pores in our face. So imagine feeding all those toxic haircare products when you’re taking a shower…! Although my original intent for approaching clean beauty was for skincare, I am now on the journey to switching out haircare, body care, and makeup products as well.

Why Clean Beauty?

The main reason why I’m on the switch to clean beauty is:

  • Easily clogged pores
  • Frequent inflammation and acne
  • Mental awareness- How scary is it that I’m putting toxic chemicals into my system? I have limited control over food and the environment, BUT I can control what I put in my body and face.

Some products I discovered at Follain have definitely helped me make that switch and see some good results, and also feel better about myself. And don’t get me wrong- Follain is not the only place you can find clean beauty products, but I just wanted to share my experience and also because I trust this brand and the company.

Some people may have the budget to switch out their vanities entirely at once, but I definitely don’t. However, I do see the importance of switching over to clean beauty as much as possible. I also see that not ALL products may work for me just because they are considered clean, organic, and non-toxic. Therefore, I’ve been trying to discover different clean beauty brands (I did not realize there were so many!), sampling products, and switching out one product at a time in different beauty categories that work for me.

New to Clean Skincare? Here’s How You Can Start!

clean beauty follain - acup of owl
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The Clean Essentials Kit is a good starting point. You will get the Osea Ocean Cleanser, Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner (my favorite), Ursa Major Golden Recovery Cream, Follain Refillable Soap, a green Follain pouch, and a $10 offer in the pouch. Please note that my kit is slightly different than the one currently on the website.

You can get 15% off of this kit using the code ref15_6nqmfl.
Online only. Exclusions may apply.

I hope you can join me in the clean beauty journey! As always, thank you for reading 🙂

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