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Why Do I Travel? 

Honestly, still not over my trip from Mexico! It’s been three months into 2018, and I’m proud to say I’ve already made two abroad trips (Paris and Cancun). The question I get asked the most is, “How do you travel so much?” I honestly feel like I don’t, and I wish I can do way more. The truth is, I have a career and there are so many things going on in my life. However, I take full advantage of the fact that I’m not married, don’t have kids, and there’s really nothing stopping me either. Traveling is the greatest gift I give to myself, and the most valuable one as well. Not everyone gets to travel everywhere all the time and neither do I, but I try to travel to as many different places as I can while/when I can. Of course, it all depends on the budget, destination, time, work schedule, and so on. BUT, I do try to take every opportunity I can, and sometimes, you just have to do it or it’s never going to happen.

Mental Health

I tend to get overwhelmed easily with life, work, and people. I’m sure we all do, but especially me. Getaways like this do wonders for me. Realistically, I can’t take month-long vacations like I used to when I didn’t work, so each vacation is strategically and wisely planned. After each vacation, I come back refreshed and am ready to take on new projects/ challenges. Problems never really go away, but at least I am back with a whole new mindset. I find myself needing some kind of getaway every 2-3 months. It really doesn’t even have to be somewhere far- I just need some kind of scenery change and it will make all the difference in the world.

Wider Perspective

It’s so easy to live in a bubble with the same people (probably people who look like you), the same community, eating the same thing, doing the same thing, and going to the same places. Traveling to a different city, state, and country (especially) and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and eating food outside of my comfort zone, makes a huge difference in the way I view things and other people as well. My family did a lot of traveling when I was young, and I’m so thankful that my parents were able to do that. All those experiences here and there shape who I am today. There are still so many people who haven’t escaped their “bubble” or actually refuse to get out of it. I honestly can’t help but feel bad that they’re missing out. The world is a lot bigger than we think and life is too short to not be able to experience as much as we can!

Something To Look Forward To 

I used to do a lot of spontaneous trips in college, but it’s difficult to do that when you have a job. I’m a big planner, so I usually know a couple of months in advance for any trip and have it marked on my calendar. I love looking at Pinterest, trip guides, itineraries, other travel blogs, and doing all the research I can. Planning for a trip is my favorite part, and also what keeps me going until the day of. It just gives me something to look forward to and instantly brightens up my week or month!

Next on the list? 🙂 Hehe. 

What are some of your upcoming trips? Would love to hear where you guys are heading next! As always, thank you for reading!



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