Tips for breakouts when it gets REAL bad

Breakouts are the worst, aren’t they? I broke out a lot in high school and it was the most stressful thing in my life. In a good way, I learned to take care of my skin early by testing out different products that would work best for my skin. Fast forward to about 10 years and now, I definitely don’t break out as much. However, breakouts do still hit me hard during extreme stress, during a seasonal/climate change, and during that special time of the month (all my ladies stand up). I’ve tried everything – from seeing a dermatologist to considering birth control, to putting only the most expensive products on my face + using products that famous on-air personalities used. After a long phase of trying this and that, I found that LESS IS MORE. Every skin works differently, so some methods amazingly effective for others may not work for me and vice versa. With big breakouts that hit me occasionally, I get extremely self-conscious and I resort to the two things that work best for me: Pimple patches and aloe/bamboo gel.

Tip #1: Pimple Patches – Always my go-to product! 

skincare tips for breakouts - pimple patches

COSRX and Missha are my absolute favorites when it comes to pimple patches (You can also get both from SokoGlam). Pretty sure I’ve almost tried every single pimple patch line in the world, and these two are what I found best for me! If you’ve never explored/tried pimple patches yet, they come in little circular stickers (thickness, size, and transparency varies) tp apply on to the pimple day/ night. Missha’s is very thin and transparent, whereas COSRX’s are thicker (examples here and here).

Pimple patches work best when applied on the skin for at least 8 hours, so I apply them at night. That way, I can wake up looking somewhat better than I did the night before. However, I do see cases with the super thin and transparent patches where people apply them during the day along with their normal makeup. I get super paranoid that everyone may be staring at me so I never do it, but that’s just me!

Tip #2: Aloe/Bamboo Gels – To calm and moisturize the skin! 

skincare tips for breakouts - aloe/bamboo gels

I’m currently almost out of the 99% bamboo gel I purchased from FaceShop (on the right), but I’ve seen and heard amazing reviews and have personally tried + loved the ones by NatureRepublic. I apply a generous amount of gel on top of my pimple patches. I’m pretty much using it as my moisturizer for the night. In the morning, my skin feels super smooth and I always see that my breakouts calm down. It always does the job and I truly believe that this is what best works for my skin.. at least for now! tips from an owlCool the face products: The key is to cool the products. Not only does it have a calming effect if I am breaking out, but I love doing this because it also firms my skin. I keep a separate mini-fridge specifically for skin products and I find this extremely helpful! Facial oil and cleansers wouldn’t matter much, but for essences/serums, moisturizers, toners, gels and face masks, definitely store them in your fridge. For mini fridges, check out these options here and here.

Applying on dry skin: Make sure to apply all pimple patches on a completely dry face! I noticed many of my friends make the mistake of applying their nightly skin products and then applying the patches over them. However, applying them directly on your raw skin has the best effect. If you have dry/combination skin, go with this order: patches -> toner -> serum/essence -> moisturizer.

Wash your pillowcase: If you think about it, your pillow is gross. Like really. Think about everything your hair absorbed throughout the day. If you don’t take a shower at night like I do, you’re pretty much sleeping on all the mess + breathing everything in the entire night. Not only that, but your pillow absorbs everything. I’ve always been aware of this, so I wash my pillowcases once a week. As for the actual pillow itself, I leave it out in my backyard on a sunny day to kill the germs. My grandma taught me and I’ve been doing it ever since high school. But most importantly, I take a shower at night because not only does it help with my horrible allergies, but I also like to get into bed fresh and clean!


So that’s it for how I deal with my breakouts. If you read this post all the way, let me know what best works for you during breakouts. I’m always down to venture out and try new things so I’d love to hear 🙂

* All product recommendations are based on personal experience.