Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc

Can I just start off by saying this was primarily one of the main reasons why I decided to fly to New York? And yes, it was worth it.

Atelier Beauté Chanel soho new york city

Chanel opened a beauty workshop, The Atelier Beauté Chanel, in New York. It’s located at 120.5 Wooster Street (between Prince and Spring) on the 2nd floor. What is a beauty workshop? In simple terms, Chanel is letting you try all of their beauty products for free, no strings attached. You can literally walk out with $700+ worth of Chanel products on your face. So, why wouldn’t you visit? And if you’re a content creator, the perfect lighting and gorgeous displays of all the product on are a bonus.

Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc

The Atelier has different stations throughout the room- you can legit get ready in here. The stations are divided into Cleanse, Care, and Enhance. Although I walked in with a full made up face, I had to try it out! I started from the Cleansing station and made my way through getting ready from scratch, except it was a very expensive routine!

Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc
Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc

If you’ve always wondered how a skincare product feels on your skin, what lip color best works for you, how the brushes work, how the cleansers are, etc., The Atelier is a good way for you to test those out and also save all of them so you can purchase them in the future. You are encouraged to download the app when you enter The Atelier, where you can save all the products you liked using and the shade # as well.

Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc
One of the products I absolutely fell in love with-
The Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum Intense Replenishing Hydration
Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc

One important place I missed out on is the Parfum Atelier, which is only open at exclusive hours at the very back of the space. Pretty much, perfume heaven. I’m bummed I missed out on this opportunity, but I’ll definitely have to make a second visit! You can also book happy hours with friends in this room.

Atelier Beauté Chanel nyc

So what kind of products did I try? Probably a lot more than I should’ve. I’m linking all the products I’ve tested below, so check them out!

Skin Care

Base Makeup

Eyes & Brows

Blush & Highlighters



I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by The Atelier! As always, thank you for reading 🙂

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