Hello! I love talking about skin care products because I believe sharing is caring. I want to utilize the platforms I have to show and talk about products I’ve personally tried. One thing I’ve been working on is to completely finish my skin care products. I’ve thrown away lots of half-used or barely used products once I felt like it wasn’t for me.

Now, I try a new product for at least 2-3 weeks before recommending it to anyone, and really use it all the way as long as my face doesn’t react negatively. I also document everything; whether I liked it, how my skin reacted to the product, the value, and if it’s worth a second purchase. In this post, I want to share some of my recent skin care empties which I thought were GOOD and SO-SO. Read on!

The Good List 

Dior Addict Lip Glow: I recently finished mine and got a new one as a birthday gift. I literally go through these like crazy because I’m wearing it ALL THE TIME. It brings out a natural pink from my lips AND it’s moisturizing as well, so I use it as a chapstick/ lip tint. It’s perfect for when I have a raw face and I don’t want to look sick. I lack some pink in my natural lip color, so a little boost always helps!

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream: Love, love, love this cream and literally my favorite product of all time! It’s a ceramide cream that’s really good for dry skin, and I love using it for fall/winter. I don’t use it during summer because it is on the thicker side but it’s not too thick to wear during daytime either. I personally just prefer gel-type moisturizers during the summers.

Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance: I don’t wear foundation but I do wear BB or CC cushions instead. This one’s a BB cushion that has SPF and I like it because it gives me more of a natural coverage, as well as extra moisturizing. Some cushions turn my face oily throughout the day or really dry, but this one has been the perfect medium. Affordable as well (one pack comes with one refill, so it lasts awhile).

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: Consider this product as a combo of Vaseline and your favorite strawberry lip balm. I apply this every night before going to sleep and I wake up each morning with my lips super hydrated. It also comes with a mini spatula which is adorable!

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: I’ve done a review on this product before, but this is such a great mask that I can use literally every day. I love the minty/cooling feeling the mask gives my skin after application + washing it off, and it also calms down my skin after I have to extract blackheads or white heads. One pot lasts awhile, so this has consistently been a favorite mask of mine!

Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser: Did a review on this as well. A great exfoliating cleanser if you want to save time and you have a sensitive skin. The particles are bigger than others exfoliators I’ve tried, but are very gentle. it also leaves my face feeling super soft, so I like to use it at night-time. I wish they had a travel size so I can carry it around with me when I’m traveling!

The So-So List: 

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb: This was another good gel-type, lightweight moisturizer (recommend it for humid areas) but I wasn’t completely in LOVE with the product for some reason. I personally like Belif’s First Aid Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask way better!

Clinique 72-hour Moisture Surge: Honestly did not like this product at first but it could’ve been just the time period. I used it first when it was super cold, and the product didn’t give me the hydration I needed. However, I gave it a second try last month and I’ve used it daily. The only con is that it takes awhile to dry on my face so I put it on this list, but it’s very hydrating for sure!

Missha Super Aqua Pore-Kling Moisturizer: Gave this one a try after a recommendation. It’s lightweight which I love but dries matte which I did not like. Also, I’m not sure if it really did much as far as reducing or helping my pores in any way. I applied the product day and night on my t-zone, my nose and besides my nose for about two months, but the product didn’t do much for me.

Mizon Hyaluronic Acid: This is just a personal preference but I’m used to serums that are a little thicker and I just feel like I’m getting more that way. This one was so lightweight that it felt like water (drops instantly upon application) compared to others I’ve tried.

Mizon Peptide 500 Serum: As you can see, this is also another Mizon product. Maybe it’s a thing, but this serum is also super watery. I’ve used it near my eyes for wrinkle prevention (yes, it’s time to care for wrinkles now) and after two months, I’d say it was OKAY. There’s really nothing bad to say about the product, but I wouldn’t buy a second bottle either.

And that concludes the list of my recent skin care empties! If you guys enjoy posts like these, please let me know so I can remember to take pictures of the empties. As always, thank you for reading 🙂


A Cup of Owl