Chicago, Chi-Town, or the Windy City is always a fun city to go back to! To start December right, I flew out to Chicago for a quick weekend trip. Haven’t been to Chi-Town in years, so it was nice to go back (especially when the weather was unbelievably amazing).


I really didn’t take that many pictures this weekend but here’s a quick summary of my 28 hours in Chicago! (A trip that was a little too short)

Hotel: Club Quarters Hotel Wacker at Michigan 

club quarters hotel club quarters hotel

We stayed at The Club Quarter Hotel Wacker at Michigan. Pictures look a lot better, but the biggest plus was the site. The hotel was literally a block from The Magnificent Mile and directly across the river, and very close to major attractions. FYI, there are two Club Quarters; we stayed at this one and the other one is in Central Loop.

Food: Lou Malnati’s, Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe, Joe’s, Fig & Olive
Deep Dish Malnati Chicago Classic
Deep Dish Malnati Chicago Classic

Lou Malnati’s was the first meal I had in Chicago after I flew in on Friday night. When in Chicago, you know what to get: Deep Dish Pizza! After all those years, I’ve only been to Giordano’s, which is another well-known deep dish pizza chain and a favorite of mine. But I was ready to try the competitor as well! It may have been the real first meal at 10:30 p.m., but I think Lou Malnati’s was so much better; the cheese, the portions, toppings, not too salty, the crust, and the Malnati salad to go with the side was super tasty.

wildberry pancakes
2 Eggs Any Style w/ Applewood Bacon comes with Pancakes (top) & “Signature Berry Bliss” Belgian Waffles (bottom)

Because this place is so popular apparently! We got there at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and the average wait was 2 hours long. Ridiculous. I guess we were lucky because we only had to wait 1.5 hours. Good news for future visitors because they’re opening a second location in Chicago real soon! Because really, no one has time to wait 2 hours for breakfast. It’s like lunch time by then. I also noticed a lot of people placing take out orders, so that would’ve been an option too. Now, was the wait worth it? Maybe just once. Taste? Average. My conclusion is that breakfast food is breakfast food. It’s good anywhere you go.

Joe's Stone Crab Chicago
Select Stone Crab (left) and Grilled Seafood Platter (right)
Joe's Stone Crab CHicago dessert
Thank you for the complimentary dessert, Joe’s!

I was really excited about going to Joe’s because I have the best memories from its original location in Miami. After I found out they had a Joe’s in Chicago, I had to add it to my list. They’re known for their stone crabs, which are bigger and sweeter than regular crabs. We got the “select” stone crab, which comes with 6 crab claws, and that was enough for two people to share with an extra entrée. It’s a nicer restaurant, but I strongly recommend anyone who visits to try them out!

fig and olive chicago truffle risotto
Truffle Risotto w/ Chicken

This is another one that has several locations throughout the states; LA, NY, Chicago, and DC. The lighting, the food, the ambiance was very romantic and European. I ordered the Truffle Risotto w/ chicken– didn’t look like much, but actually very filling. I would definitely go back for seconds! Not pictured, but everyone else had the Paella Del Mar and Penne Funghi, and they looked amazing.

Enough about food because I’m on a 5-day juice cleanse and this is torture looking at pictures and the menu all over again! Here are random shots I grabbed throughout the day.

Where I visited: Chicago 360, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and all the random places walking around!
Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate
360 chicago
Not me, but I did pay $7 to do this!

The John Hancock Observation Deck re-branded to 360 Chicago recently, and added a TILT ride where you can see the view tilted. It’s an extra $7 on top of your ticket, and I obviously tried it. Here’s a video if you want to see the experience. It’s definitely a unique experience and I’d try it at least once!

That sums up my short and sweet weekend in Chicago! I’m actually really craving that Lou Malnati’s Pizza again… I don’t even know when I’ll be able to have it next time but hopefully soon! Stay tuned for my next travel diary (: As always, thank you for reading!